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Don’t worry, I’m the alligator. I’m the alligator. I’m the alligator. Wait. No. Hey, no. You’re the alligator. You’re the alligator. I knew it was you. Hey, baby. Did you call before? I was so afraid I missed your call. No, listen. It’s so packed here, you know, everybody is asking about you. How are you? I’m okay. I love you. You, too. Where are you? Are you in the little room with the bougainvilleas? You look so beautiful in that house, baby? Hey, listen. Listen to me. We are about to start, so I have to go, but I love you. Tim. I love you. I’ll talk to you soon. Were they Online Radio Australia Were they musical shows? Acrobatic shows? Do you have stage fright? What? Are you not gonna tell me? Dog shows? What? This is a cemetery. Really? Mmmhmm. All of the names are listed on the wall and then Online Radio Australia I was like, there are dead people Online Radio Australia Everywhere. Isn’t it cool? Horse shows? What shows? What kind of shows? Okay. Uh Online Radio Australia I wrote these plays, and one of them was good. I Online Radio Australia Played a boat, and I sang naked. And my mother brought all of her friends, and there was a lot of nervous laughter my aunt laughed. I thought, it really had something. I did. That led to a great stint on public service television for bulimia. You’re a beautiful girl. Don’t put me down. You’re beautiful throat. So, sing me one of your songs then? No. Sing me one of your naked songs. No. Why don’t you, tell me a story? I don’t hear you singing. Tell me a story. What? What kind of story? I don’t know, it can be about anything, but I’m gonna keep my face completely expressionless. Yeah? Okay. Uh Online Radio Australia Well, this is a story about a boy who had windshield wipers, on his eyes. The only person in the world with windshield wipers on his eyes. One day, it started to rain and rain and rain and rain, oceans of rain. Nobody could see anything, but the boy, and so, the boy had to see everything for everybody. He got so tired of seeing so much. So, he went home and stuck his head in the oven. And then, they melted off down, and then, they became chin swords. And then someone asked him to open a can. And then, and then soon, everyone was asking him to open cans and he had to go around opening cans all the time. He got really tired of that. So, then he went home and stuck his head in the freezer, and broke them off, and put them in his pocket and went to school. That’s it. How was that? It was great. Hey. Where are you going? Let’s get something to eat. I can’t. I gotta go. No, no, no, no. I’m starving, I gotta Online Radio Australia Come on. We gotta Online Radio Australia I Online Radio Australia I can’t. You’re meeting someone? I’ll see you tomorrow at rehearsal. You’re meeting someone. Bye. For America right now it’s important to be in Vietnam. Because you never know what’s gonna happen. What about the Vietnamese? I support the Vietnamese people Online Radio Australia What the hell are you talking about? You care? You care so much you want to kill them? You don’t understand, I’m from a communist Online Radio Australia Are you tilling me? Telling you what? No, are you tilling me? Are you tilling my head? Are you planting something in my head? So you support murder? This guy supports murder. You don’t even know what a party is in this country. I know what a party is. Oh! What is it? Yeah, it is Online Radio Australia Listen, listen, listen. Listen, do you know where this guy is from? He’s from Yugoslavia. They’ve got Tito over there, he’s Online Radio Australiaing living this Radio Online. Yugoslavia Online Radio Australia This Tito dude, you know, he’s torturing people, there’s mRadio Online graves. It’s not like Vietnam, man. Online Radio Australiaing right, man. Online Radio Australiaing right. He knows what he’s talking about. Yeah. Yeah. Drink up. Yeah. Cheers, comrades. No, we’re not actually really a band. We’re a fake band. Okay, stop it. No, I am Online Radio Australia No! I saw you sing. I, that wasn’t actually singing. I’m a chauffeur to an Irish nobleman. Yeah, and Lee is his stonemason. And Carter cleans the horses’ hooves. Online Radio Australia you. Oh, yeah, man. Niggers love cleaning. No. Don’t I know it. That’s a real rhythm. Come on. It’s Gary. I got you a cup of coffee. Now I am drinking it. Okay, now I am really drinking it. Hey. Hey. Church is a madhouse. Schisms, heresies Online Radio Australia Look, you got fortune cookies. This hotel stinks, Gary. “Everything in life is somewhere else,” “and you get there in a car.” I need reading glRadio Onlinees. Thanks. Have a fortune cookie. It’s good with coffee. Times is coming. Oh. The Times. Want anything to drink? Uh Online Radio Australia Water, water is fine. Want ice? Huh? You want ice? Gary? Where did you find all this stuff? It’s like Hong Kong in here. It kind of finds me. What is that? A little punk, a little reggae? I thought you were doing metal in LA. I thought, uh Online Radio Australia No? How are things going out there? That’s right! That’s cool. You should use that for one of your father’s songs. Hey, I got something here, try this. It’s a little raw. This thing is sort of like a waltz, all right, it’s in drop D. There’s a groove, right? I got a section that’s sort of like church bells. Go on. Here’s a little arpeggio. I’m not sure if it will fit in here, but Online Radio Australia You should join my band. Thought I just did. So what are we doing? Phantasmagoria? What are we gonna do? Nobody has a clue! Thanks for coming, guys. Everything’s dandy. Can we have a song list from you? Were you ever there? Yeah. Cafe Wha? Go there? I play there. Gary, Jeff, I need you to see Online Radio Australia Hey, Allie, can you just put this in there for me? You gotta see this, it’s Tim live, at the Folklore Center. Are you adding a song? We can do this. I have to get away. Um Online Radio Australia Doing Once I Was Online Radio Australia You think we could Online Radio Australia Yeah? Could he do it? This kid could do anything. Rose Bowl’s like , people. You want that, though! I want the Night Owl, people, they’re so close you can smell them.

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