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However, the moment you try to take her away, I will come straight back to that house. So leave her be. When are you leaving? The day after tomorrow. Happy? You weren’t detected? How can you come to the house? If my aunt finds out, we’re all dead. My aunt’s family is asleep? I don’t know. You scared me. But what brings you to my house? To see me? Should I? What did you say? I guess I thought of you. Briefly. So I guess I came to see you. Why? I’m not a bride and I’m not pretty. You keep having to save my life and I’m just a pest to you. Why would you come see me? I guess I wanted to see this. Now that I saw it, I’ll leave. Your aunt’s family disappeared. The house is vacant, so you can go in. My aunt’s family’s disappeared? Really? When? But how come you came if you didn’t know? Oh, I left something here, so I came to get it. What? Just something. You don’t need to know. Alright then. I’m leaving then. ♬ I’ll be by your side ♬ ♬ It’s a beautiful life ♬ ♬ I’ll be behind you ♬ ♬ Beautiful love ♬ ♬ Your memory, you scent ♬ ♬ It’s getting erased one at a time ♬ ♬ It’s a beautiful life ♬ ♬ When memories I shared with you all disappear ♬ ♬ beautiful life, beautiful thing ♬ ♬ In your memory ♬ ♬ beautiful love ♬ Excuse me. Oppa in black. You don’t need a hairpin? I don’t prefer hairpins. Then buy one for your lover. I don’t have a lover. A lover, you could have then not have. But this, once you buy it, you’ll always have it. See it in a mirror once, Oppa. How much is this? But I grabbed it first. Wait, but you’re crying because of it? What? Want me to concede to you? I don’t want to for free though. If you give me your phone number. I don’t have that kind of stuff. You don’t have a cellphone? Are you poor? I don’t really have a need for a cellphone. Are you sure it’s not because you don’t want to give me your number? Concession, cancelled. Give me your number. Write it down and leave it here, with the ring. First, let’s exchange our names. You’ll need to know my name to call me. Nice to meet you. I’m Sunny. Seon Hyo? If that’s better for you, go with that. It’s just a stage name so it doesn’t really matter what. Card? Cash? Who’s going to pay? It doesn’t matter who pays. Both will end up paying a very expensive price anyway. Timing and Subtitles by The Immortal Team @Viki I . . . came late. I’m fine. This is also my fate. So go. Don’t stop and go to the king. You’re really going to be like this? I heard you’re not even the goblin bride. Just come with me then. Mean girl. You won’t listen to me, right? Fine, I’m just babbling myself. I’m going to play foul on all those people you know. I’m going to kill that woman first. The &+### shoe! I’ll just &#@_! Scary. Hey, that woman’s scary. Boss. Are you alright? Be honest. Is my beauty gone these days? I totally got the vibe though. He should totally be calling by now and then some. Why isn’t he? Oh, the ring? That man? First, please calm . . . – I can’t calm down. He’s the best-looking man I’ve ever seen. Do you see how hard I work? How I drink this everyday for good skin? But why isn’t he calling? Good-looking men always tend to act like good-looking men. Just forget him. How can I forget?! He’s the only man that ever conceded to me. The ring was pretty though. It seemed perfect for me. Do you have a pen? I don’t. Just say it. That was kind of funny. Is it science? The finishing of a phone number is the lips, right? Careful. Hello. What’s all this? Is my family moving? You’re not in touch with your aunt? Your aunt said she’s moving. A new family is moving in the day after tomorrow but nothing’s ready so I’m suffering here. She moved? What about me then? What about me then? How can you ask me that? You need to ask your aunt that. Your aunt took away all the deposit money. If you have something to take, take it. Timing and Subtitles by The Immortal Team @Viki Lovers Ji Eun Tak. Take out everything that’s in that bag and your pockets. Quickly. Teacher, this Games Quiet. I see you have all sorts of stuff for fire. Cigarettes? You haven’t taken out cigarettes, do you feel guilty now? Teacher, I really had a reason for this. I don’t smoke cigarettes. The kids said they saw you smoking. Let’s get it over quickly shall we? Hold out your hand. Quickly. Both of your hands. Look at how thorough you are. This is why smart kids are scary. Ji Eun Tak, I find it very scary when kids like you are good at studying. You act nice and pitiful in front of me but you’ll act completely different behind me. It’s kids like you that cause trouble once in society. And then the truly good people will be the ones who pay for it, okay, Eun Tak? Thanks. Why alcohol all of a sudden? What about you? How’s alcohol ever suddenly? The more the better when it comes to wine, women and meat. I’ve kept up with the principles plenty when I was a general. You were a general? Ha You were never able to ask me about past before, how could you dare? But you don’t know what I was. What were you? Your stuff? See how you bluff. What, you were a king? Have you packed all your stuff? Ah, my stuff Games well, very simply.

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