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Can’t you knock the door once? What were you upto inside the room? I’ve called you around times. Your phone was switched off. I was completing projects. Didn’t realize that phone was off. Oh! Okay! Go near the institute once. Pooja is apparently waiting for you. How do you know about her waiting? I was chatting with Smitha, She told me about it. Smitha? When did this begin? Can’t you keep your hands and mouth to yourself? A good manager will never keep his resource idle. Smitha! Where’s Pooja? She was waiting since morning, and left sometime back. Let her be today, She will be angry. You can console her tomorrow. Bye Sir! Was she wearing a saree? How was she looking? It will look good only to the person she wore it for Good Morning! Morning! Hi! Good Morning! I thought you’d be angry. Why should I be angry? That I couldn’t meet you yesterday! You will have your own priorities, Alok. You must have worked on the project the entire night Your phone must have died without charge. I can wear saree anytime. I should understand that your priorities are different. Why are you segregating things between us? What’s your system password? The moment you give your password to a new girl She will know the name of the old one. So, there are secrets between us. And that means we both have different lives too. You are right about why I didn’t meet you yesterday. I’m Really Sorry! I don’t like people who lie. I’m not lying, Pooja! The time alone, That I spent, Like I always wished to spend The things you always wished for I’ve always waited for you to say In my own way Please find the heart to forgive my heart Will wait for it till eternity I hope you find the heart, I hope it rains forgiveness In the clear blue sky, I hope the drops turn into pearls Beyond the ocean, Beyond my emotions Like a dream turning into reality Did it rain? Did the drops turn into pearl? Beyond the ocean, Beyond my emotions Like a dream turning into reality Did it rain? Did the drops turn into pearl? Done freshening up. Which soap do you use? Mysore Sandal Soap. Your soap must be so lucky. Getting ready to sleep now. Your bed must be so lucky. I can’t sleep without a blanket. Oh God! Even the blanket is so lucky! I wish you could make me lucky too. How? By sending your picture. Do we need secrets between us? Send a picture that doesn’t hide anything. You send it first. Hahaahaha Little Popeye! Alok! I’m missing you a lot! I’m dying to see you in a saree, Pooja! I want to spend time with you! Can we go to your room? I’ve got a surprise for you! Who’s this girl? She’s my friend! If she’s a friend, then it’s okay. Guys before you used to introduce girls as their sisters! This is my room! Finally I get to step in. Saree . For you! Saree? How can I drape it here? This goes to owner’s godown. There won’t be anybody there. You can change here! Hold this bag. You’re a miracle How do I believe it without getting close? The desire to get close has increased with time. Mesmerizing beauty, unfolds in front of my eyes. My Quivering lip has a lot to say. I’m slowly losing myself, even breathing has turned into music. My heart is getting restless, to fulfill its desires. If you draw me so close to you. How do I survive? Should we still hide from the world, Till you see the other side of me. Need a magical touch to free me of this curse The flame in your eyes, has started a wildfire in me. As we spend time together, each moment is colorful. Heart is a garden now, and so begins my search for the treasure. Tell your password! Will change it from old girlfriend’s name to my name. Love You Anu! Aasthi?! Aasthi!! Hey Manasa! How do I get out of this? Hi! How come you’re here? How have you been? I’m awesome! How about you? I’m good too! What are you upto these days? This is my son. He’s Cute. After marriage I shifted to the US, came here for vacations. Will fly back by the end of this month. How about you? My company is almost ready, Once investors are on-board, There’s no looking back. Why did we even break up, Aasthi? You never trusted me, were always dominating. It’s impossible to handle

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