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no, of course not. But don’t call his boss. my family relies on him. We need him to keep that job. do you know what fine art costs? i have a sister and two brothers, and they need our support. have your mother start working, then. my mother died years ago. i do what i can to help, but it’s my father’s job we rely on. lovely sob story. It doesn’t change anything. i was wronged. it was an accident, and if you want it made up to you, well, i’m sorry. we can’t pay anything close to what the art was probably worth. but firing my father won’t help. it’ll make me feel better. will it? please, there’s got to be something i can do, some way we can make this right. all right. i just fired my assistant today. You’ll replace her. you’ll work for me until i feel the debt is paid off. but i have a job. do you want me to call your dad’s boss? where do you work? i’m a part-time assistant at an orthodontic office. you work part-time, but you claim your family’s desperate? i work, and i go to school part time. i guess you have your work cut out for you, then. when you’re not working, you’ll come here. you can go out the way you came in. [ door closes ] belle: thank you. craig should be here soon. what? you remember, the exhibit. Today. oh, i can’t go. I’m sorry. why not? It’s a long story. but craig’s been asking about you since you guys met. he had me set this up just so you would come. i know. I’m sorry. is there something about him you don’t like? no, it’s not that. it’s just i have another commitment. really? anna, i promise i’m not trying to blow this off. Really. craig: hey! hey. I got to go. sorry. she’s going to have to come with us another day. why? Was it something i said? [ doorbell rings ] you must be the new assistant. i’m mrs. Haygood. Come on in. now, don’t let him frighten you. he’s right in there. thank you. oh, you’re here. do you have a name? belle. good. When i ring, you come. no. It means “beauty.” if you say so. follow me. you’ll work here when you’re not running errands. errands? i understand that, but your mid-level managers are abysmal. do you mind? put the documents right there. the suits go in my closet. don, look, i’ll be honest with you. you either need to retrain them or rethink your quarterly projections. what are you doing?! sorry. I was looking for the right room. does this look like a bedroom? i have no problem going back on our deal. i’ve got the number for your father’s work right on my desk. i’m sorry. could you maybe show me which room is the right one? i have some fresh pie ready, eric. Would you like some? sure. I’ll be right in. you come, too, belle. thank you, mrs. Haygood. go ahead. thank you. when you’re finished, i want you to alphabetize the books. are you sure? I can do i want you to alphabetize the books. i can do more than filing and alphabetizing, if you want. i’m pretty organized. well, then it shouldn’t be a problem. where do you live, belle? just a few blocks from here. i’m reading! [ door opens ] hi, belle. dad, belle’s home! Can we eat now? hey, guys. mr. Watson: so, how was your day? yeah, was the beast as bad as everyone says? kelli! that’s what everyone calls him. last week in sunday school, sister robertson used him as an example of pride and anger. i’m thrilled to hear that, but it’s still not nice. she says that’s what keeps him from coming to church that and the alcohol. mr. Watson: that’s enough, kelli. is he mean? mike: john mccoy said landry mr. Landry, mike. mr. Landry chased him down the street one day. what did john do? t.P.’d his mailbox. that’s lame! that’s lame! stop it, mike. so, how was it? bearable. there’s a phone number on my desk. i need it right away. no, not this one! maybe it’s on my credenza. [ doorbell rings ] it’s a guy! who? craig. Who’s he? hey, belle. hey, craig. i thought we could go get some ice cream. um Radio okay. i saved us a trip. oh. Thanks. i was really looking forward to spending time with you the other day. why didn’t you come with us? i had to work. really? yeah. but you were leaving work. i have a second job. second job? mm-hmm. don’t you think that’s a bit much? i can handle it. anna said you’re in school, too. so Radio isn’t school already like a second job? so that’s two or three? come on, belle. maybe it’s time you settled down. let somebody take care of you. i can take care of myself pretty well. you know what i mean. like a boyfriend Radio or a husband. [ chokes, coughs ] just haven’t found the right guy. maybe he’s sitting right next to you. craig, we haven’t even been on a date yet. i can fix that. we don’t even know each other. sometimes you just have to trust your feelings. and if you’re not sure, you can trust mine. i have to go. I have an exam coming up. thanks for the ice cream. belle! Where’s your second job? the landry mansion. good morning. belle! Want some breakfast? no. No, thank you. Is mr. Landry here? he’s in the spa room. He just asked for you. the spa room? Mm-hmm. [ chuckles ] uh Radio Mr. Landry? ah, belle. there’s a book on my nightstand in my bedroom. bring it. you can wait in the next room.

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