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Exactly. So, really… It was her own fault. Her fault? I bet that was her last thought. Why are you so angry? You won the trial. And I’m going to have to live with that. Not necessarily, evie. Evie… Evie, wait! Evie! panting yelling and grunting Damn it! Stop! sighs coughing Evie! screaming Man: The whole thing’s caved in. Let’s get a crew to cordon it off. Hey! Hey! Hey… There’s people down here! Hang on! We’ll get you out! All right, here’s what we’re going to do. You… Are going to have to help me. You… Are going to jump to me. Jump? Me? I know it’s scary But I know that you can do it. Danny, I know you’re scared and I understand why. We had an accident and you got hurt…. Mom! But that was then. Now, danny, you have to trust me Like I trust you. And we are going to be okay. I promise you. We’re going to be fine Because I will not have it any other way. Okay. Good. Good. Okay, now. Start back there and on three You’re going to run and jump to me. You can do this, okay? One… Two… Three! I got you, baby. We’re all right. We’re all right. people yelling screaming Where’s danny? barking and whining Low rider! You’re okay, you’re okay. Low rider! How you doing, buddy? I was looking for you at the apartment. Thought I’d lost everything. Oh, god. Not everything. Not everything. Call me back. Can I, uh… Can I talk to you a minute? This, uh, young man, he, uh, tried to save a life. He thinks it was his fault. Somehow if he were a, uh… A better person He could have changed the outcome. I thought you might, um… You might… You might be able to talk to him. I’ll give it a try. This is jillian parnell Over the aircraft carrier, uss intrepid. Dignitaries and reporters have assembled here today At the intrepid To hear national, state and civic leaders Commemorate the first anniversary Of the tragic new york city earthquake. As devastating as this catastrophe has been A remarkable fact has emerged From the rubble of this disaster. New yorkers, so often characterized As cold and uncaring Have joined together in dramatic numbers To rebuild their city. Ahearn: A year ago today In the early hours after the earthquake I found myself working side by side with a man Who I’d already come to see as my political foe, my enemy. Then after the earthquake I watched him suffer his losses along with mine. I watched him persevere for this city Through his pain and anguish And I realized that he was no more or less than I– Just a man like me– Trying to save what was left of his home. That enemy became my friend And I am very proud to introduce to you my friend The mayor of the city of new york Bruce lincoln. applause I speak to all of you who have chosen to stay here And I must say that it is fitting That we are on our feet once again, standing together. We stand side by side, rebuilding brick by brick The greatest city in the world! Much will never be replaced. And there’s an empty spot in everyone’s heart for all those Who can never be seen, felt or held close ever again. But we must seize the opportunity To rebuild ourselves as well. For we can lay a new And unshakable foundation only in our hearts. We are poised now together Not unlike the immigrants of past and present Who sought refuge here Armed with little more Than the hope and the will to make a new life And make a new life we will. applause Your father would be so proud of you. Go back. They love you like I love you. Nobody loves me like you love me, nicholai! would you be interested in trying for Koshien again? I’m sorry? The Masters Koshien… was begun by a professor at our university. I took a course with him, and volunteered to help. I’d really like Kawagoe to field a team. Go ask the school, then. You’re not interested? No. It starts with regionals… I’m fine, thanks. Let me tell you… Sorry. I’ve got a pot on the stove. There’s no one home? You were just out, right? Wait! What? I’m sorry. You’re in university now. Don’t be so familiar. I wasn’t trying to. Anyway, there’s nothing to discuss. Just a minute! Just look at these, please. They’re NewYear’s cards.

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