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If you were a good lawyer, you’d be flattered. Where’s Mrs. Bannister? I’m sure I don’t know, sir. She adores it here in Acapulco. So do I, but Radio It’s nice and quaint, but I want to go back to Frisco. Mind walking with me, fella? I know all the best places. You might enjoy it. I want to make you a proposition. Beautiful, isn’t it? The beach, you mean, or the tourists? Everything. There’s a fair face to the land, surely. But you can’t hide the hunger and guilt. It’s a bright, guilty world. Darling, of course you pay me. What’s your guess, Michael? Think the world’s coming to an end? There was a start to the world sometime, so I guess there’ll be a stop. It’s coming, you know. Huh? Oh, yeah, it’s got to come. First, the big cities Radio then maybe even this. It’s just got to come. I prefer to be somewhere else when it does. I will be. That’s what I need you for, Michael, to see to it that I’m not around. How would you like $,? What? That’s what I said, $,, fella. What do I have to do for it? I’ll fill in the details later. Meanwhile, think it over, Michael. $,. It’s yours. All you have to do is kill somebody. Who, Mr. Grisby? I’m particular who I murder. Good boy! You know, I wouldn’t like to kill just anybody. Is it somebody I know? Yeah. But you’ll never guess. I give UP- It’s me. I’m perfectly sober, Michael. I’m willing to pay $, if the job is well done. This is a straightforward business proposition. I want you to kill me. So long, fella. Michael. Yes? You talked to George yesterday. I did. Did he say anything about us? He’s afraid the world’s going to explode. He talked about suicide. I’ve thought of that sometimes. Suicide? Do you think it’s wrong, Michael? I don’t know. Would you kill yourself if you had to? I don’t know. I’ve looked at those pills so many times. Pills? The ones my husband takes to kill the pain Radio and wondered if enough of them would kill my pain. The pain of just being alive? Mr. Grisby wants to be cured of that pain. He wants me to cure him. Mr. Grisby wants me to kill Mr. Grisby. I’m sure he’s out of his mind. He’s not sane. Neither is Arthur. Your husband can take care of himself. What do you want? Beautiful moon. Nice night for it Radio ain’t it, Mr. O’Hara? You didn’t answer me, Mr. O’Hara. You ought to speak when you’re spoken to. I’d hate to have to report you to the lady’s husband. I said it’s a nice night for it. Would you care to dance with me? Stop crying- I can’t stand for you to cry. Do you know what Broome’s been doing? Spying. Spying on you. Sure, I’m going to take you where there aren’t any spies. Michael, where? Along way off, some one of the far places. Far place? We’re in one of them now. Running away doesn’t work. I tried it. Everything’s bad, Michael. Everything. You can’t escape it or fight it. You’ve got to get along with it, deal with it, make terms. You’re such a foolish knight errant, Michael. You’re big and strong, but you just don’t know Radio how to take care of yourself. So how could you take care of me? If you’ll so pardon me this intrusion Radio there’s a couple of police officers out here. Cops? I don’t speak their language, see? And they wants me to identify this guy. What’s the Spanish for “drunken bum”? It was early October when we made San Francisco Radio and dropped anchor across the bay from the city, in Sausalito. It had been a most interesting cruise. All very rich and rare and strange. But I had had no stomach for it. To begin with, living on a hook takes away your appetite. You’ve no taste for any pleasure at all, but the one that’s burning in you. But even without an appetite Radio I’d learned it’s quite amazing how much Radio a fool like me can swallow. Please, Michael, be careful. The car’s down there. Mr. Bannister’s waiting to take you into the city Radio to San Francisco. But you’re not going with him. You’re going with me. You think I can’t take care of you Radio and I’d be after running off with you to an island to eat berries and goat’s milk. And I’d have to take in washing to support you. Hello, kiddies. There’s George. What would you say to $,, to get us started? We’ve got a date with a couple of beers, fella. Arthur was asking for you. He wondered where you’d gone. I won’t tell him. You didn’t answer my question. $,. Goodbye, Michael. Couldn’t we start on that? Would you have to take in washing on $,? Sit down. I suppose you’re wondering what’s behind my little proposition. It’s none of your business, but since we’re what you call “partners in crime” Radio I’ll tell you that the firm of Bannister & Grisby is insured Radio against the death of either partner. That means, if one of us dies the other stands to get a lot of money. Thanks. Now, leave us alone. Yes, sir. Like some other people we both know, I’m not very happily married. And another thing, frankly Radio I don’t want to be within , miles of that city Radio or any other city when they start dropping those bombs. Michael, there’s been a suggestion we drive you into town. Want a beer before you go? I’ll be waiting with Mrs. Bannister in the car. Better meet me in my office.

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