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years old. I have no information on the previous owners. You’re welcome to check public records, if you like. As for the photos, they had various methods of altering Games these images. Spirit photography was very popular in the s. Spirit Photography? Yes, during the Spiritualist movement Games people had seances and such. Often photographers used various lighting tricks Games to create interesting photos Games to build up hype for their meetings. How do you know all this? I spend too much time in the New Age section of the book store. Believe it or not, it fascinates me. So you think these photos are staged? Maybe Games I don’t know, maybe. KETTLE WHISTLING Excuse me. Victoria! Aiden! Victoria! CLAIRE Is everything okay? Jesus Christ! DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING Oh, my god! Baby? Baby? Aiden! What happened? What happened? Oh, my god, do you want to get her inside. I got you, baby. I got you. Come here. I got you. I got you, baby. I got you. GASPING DEMONIC WHISPERING Victoria, come on, ssh. Baby Games baby girl. John, what can I do? Come on, are you okay, honey? Baby girl, up. Daddy? Yeah, sweetie? I saw mommy outside. Claire, could you go to the kitchen Games and get us a glass of water? Right away! Are you okay, sweetie? Yeah, I’m just a little dizzy. All right, well, just sit up, you want to sit up? You want to lay down? Yeah. Breathe. Hey, buddy, are you okay? You’re gonna be fine. Why don’t you scoot upstairs and change? Nobody needs to know! Thank you. Thank you so much for your help. I’m glad she’s okay. I’m gonna get her to a doctor. I’m– I’m sure she’ll be fine Games but best to make sure everything is in order. Yup, that really scared me. They’re lucky to have you. Oh, thanks. If you need anything, feel free to reach out. Thank you very much. How you feeling, baby girl? I’m fine, honestly! I thought I told you not to play with this stuff. But Games I like it. Can I keep it, please? Okay, but only if we can get you to a doctor first. No, I feel fine. No excuses, we’re going. I probably just had low blood sugar. It happens to people all the time, I searched it. We’re going, get dressed. Get out of my room! You’re never around when I need you. Your sister just passed out in the backyard Games and you couldn’t care less. She did? Yes Games I’m taking her and Aiden to the doctor. And I need you to start caring more Games and start trying more and be present. DEATH METAL MUSIC FADES UP Put the pieces together It didn’t fit right the first time But like a masterpiece it just took time I can’t believe you moved into the Addams family house. Really? Oh, shut up! Where can we– In the backyard. ROCK MUSIC FADES UP Blood to the fallen sky all wheels gonna ride We watch the dead arise again Oh,, you’re hot. All to end this game What we become is made of pain What the hell? What? I thought you said your family left. They did. Mm-mm. Wait, I saw someone. Oh, my god. Just hold on, one second. What? I just saw someone, I swear! There is nothing. Come on, they’re not here. RINGTONE SOUNDING , it’s my dad. Hello? Um Games yeah, just the usual is fine. Okay, you have to go right now! No, no, no, no, no. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Babe, I swear– They’re on their way. No, no, no, no, we’ll be really quick. No, I don’t have really quick. I just need a minute, seriously. No minutes, come on! Ah-da-da-da, they’re really quick. Where’s your jacket? , seriously? Yes. Seriously? Yes! Get out! Don’t you want to– No, come on, later, later. Come on, go ahead. Okay, okay, okay, go, go, go, go! Hurry. What did the doctor say? He said he thinks it was low blood sugar. He said if it happens again, we can take her in Games and get an MRI and some blood work. No one’s getting my blood. All right, that burger was gross. I should probably get my lazy butt upstairs and start cleaning out that attic. Can you keep an eye on them while I’m up there? Uh, yeah, I think I can do that. Hey, I’m glad you’re feeling better, Vic. Okay. MUSIC PLAYING Time is running again Borrow sleep from the day GARBLED RADIO TRANSMISSION Staring at the ceiling LOUD BANG What the hell is that now? MOUSE TRAP SNAPS And that’s the end of him. Who are you? Elena Games Elena Tolwood. What are you doing up here? Why are you in my house? Why are you in my house? Do your parents know you’re here? It’s too late. It’s too late for what, hun? ELENA Burn them. Burn what? Burn them. She’s coming! LOUD SMASHING DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING Elena Tolwood. EERIE MUSIC PLAYING Madame Addison’s House of Spiritualism was a well known Games place for social seances. During the mid ‘s, she held countless numbers of seances Games and rituals for those who sought to contact the dead. In late October of, Madame Addison was found strangled Games to death in her home. Four other people were also found dead. No one truly knows what happened, but many believe Games it was the outcome of a seance gone horribly wrong. Give me the doll and the camera. But, Dad! I said no! This doll reminds me of Mom. Honey, this stuff Games it’s– it’s not good. Give it to me. This is bull. Aiden, go to your room! TICKING EERIE MUSIC PLAYING EERIE MUSIC FADES UP MUSIC STOPS EERIE MUSIC PLAYING CLOCK TICKING What the hell is happening to me? Dad. What? Why are you doing that? Because it’s garbage, that’s why. But I like that stuff. It gives the house character. Well, I’ve had it up to here with this house Games and it’s characters, it’s gone. Can I please just have the doll? Absolutely not. Mom would have let me have it. Well, your Mom is gone, isn’t she? RECORD NEEDLE SKIPPING ELENA Help me, Daddy! It hurts! IRWIN I’ll kill you. IRWIN You evil bitch! Tainted by the devil! POSSESSED MADAME ADDISON Kill them. DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING CLOCK TICKING Does that sound crazy, Mom? JOHN’S MOM ON PHONE When your Father passed Games I thought I saw him around the house a few times. I keep having these hallucinations. JOHN’S MOM ON PHONE Are you taking your anti-depressants? Yes, of course. JOHN’S MOM ON PHONE Okay Games did you look Games into the history of the house?

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