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Travis. Zàijiàn, Wolverine. Zàijiàn, hulk. Travis. Is he still alive? Whoa, hey! That’s my ticket downtown. Okay, guys. I hope you know i know every protocol for bringing in a passenger. So if you deviate, try to expose my position, I will not hesitate to eliminate you. Okay. You got it? Yes, sir. So call it in, all right? Calm. Just be calm. Just call it in. Okay. Red mountain base, this is retrieval unit . Inbound with passenger. Over. Retrieval unit , this is red mountain base. Please identify. Whiskey-foxtrot —. Confirmed. Your team missed your last mile marker check-in. What’s the status of the passenger? Passenger is secure. Approaching east gate now. Copy that. Proceed. All right, you did a great job. You can relax. You know, I just probably should let you know that I’m going to be dead in about minutes. So the only thing i give a shit about is with these guys long enough to let this woman and her child live. You got it? Yes, sir. If you’d like to see tomorrow, you just keep making shit work. You saved my ass back there. Semper fi, buddy. Is something going on? We’ve been through some crazy shit, buddy? Hell, yeah, we have. We’ve always known the risks. Right? The people that we go after Can retaliate. Something happen? Something happen to Jasmin? No, man. Kate and Adam. What? They’re They’re gone. Man, I’m sorry. What the ? This is not a kid. Please don’t shoot me. I’ll do whatever you want. Sit up! Excuse me, sir. There appears to be a disruption occurring at the north gate. Loading closed-circuit video now. Put us in full lockdown. Then tell Mr. morrow I’d like to see him. Yes, sir. Sir, we have a situation at the front gate. Yeah. I know. Conrad. Sir? Explain. Go home. Get out of here! Go home before I change my mind. All right, Travis. Now let’s get to work. What are you thinking? Patch me through to the gate. Right away, sir. Let me talk to him. Travis, it’s me. It’s over, buddy. You hear me? These guys, they’re not like us. There is no loyalty. There is no code. There’s only one code that I live by, Conrad.

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