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This way, everybody! Tyler, get them out of here. I’ll take care of the gas and make sure to extinguish the fire. Thanks, Robo-Dog. We’ll see you out there. Come on, guys, let’s go, let’s go! Uh-oh. Hi, mom, I just finished a job. I’m on my way home now. Are you having a good time with Mira? Good. Yes, I got her a birthday present, a good one this time. Mom, she’s gonna love it. Yeah. She will. I’ll see you soon. I love you too, bye. She’s gonna love it. Must find assistance. What was that? Oh no. Hey little guy. Are you okay? Help me. Oh. Was that you talking? Affirmative. Please assist. Wow. You’re a little furry, walking, talking computer, huh? Warning, memory card damaged, internal systems overheating. All right, let’s see if we can find your owner. I bet they can help. No time. Need repairs now. Yeah you do. I think I could get you fixed up. I got everything I need back at my place. Is it okay if I take you there? Affirmative. Please assist. All right, let’s get you fixed up. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m so glad that everyone’s okay, but unfortunately, we are going to have to delay the science fair for a day or two. Barry, have you seen Robo-Dog? I thought you had him. All right, folks, there’s actually something to see here. It’s really quiet interesting. Robo-Dog! Robo-Dog, where are you? Kid, you can’t be in here. You’re not safe. No! No no no! Robo-Dog! Can’t have you in there, kid. It’s not safe. I know that my dog is in there. I know it! We didn’t find any dogs in there. I’m sure he went out a back door or something. Look, kid, dogs are smart. They know how to get out of a burning building. I’m sure he’s fine. Barry, are you sure that he’s safe? He’ll be fine. Couldn’t have gone too far. Okay, little guy, just gonna sit you down for a sec, and I will get you all fixed up, all right? Robo-Dog. That makes sense. We’ll get you hooked up to my computer and we will run some diagnostic tests on you. You will be just fine. Oh, is there way to open you up? Affirmative. That’s impressive. Structurally, you look good. Power source, oh, impressive. Your CPU, no damage, main board looks good. That’s what’s important. Coolant. You, my friend, are running a bit low. All righty. Uh-huh. Ah. Okay, Okay, I’m trying, let me unplug it. No. No. No! Really almost got me. Thanks so much. I’m sorry. Okay, let’s see how we’re doing. Coolant level is now fine. But, wow, your memory board seems to be a bit damaged. Not to worry, I’ve got one of those. Right here. Oh, looks like this is little singed. New memory board. Put this guy in. No memory card detected. Looks like you don’t even have one. Also, not to worry, got a flash card right here. Stick this guy in. Okay. Excellent. You, my friend, are looking good. Once you’re rebooted, we will find your owner, we’ll get you home. Speaking of home, there’s my daughter. Stay right there, okay? Hey, how’s my birthday girl? Look at my balloon. Wow, look at that. Very nice. Hi, mom. Come on, get up and help your mother. Oh, I’m sorry. Sorry. Thank you for looking after Mira. I love taking care of you. Look what we got. We got cake. Look what we have. I got presents. I got decorations. You did get a present? Of course I got a present. Nana got me a new tea set. Oh, look at that, grandma got you a tea set with a teapot too? Yes. Look how fancy it is. Yeah, it’s really fancy. It’s great. What was that? What was what? Who wants cake? Oh, oh, me! Not until after your present. You’re gonna just Radio Is that my present? Yep. A dog? A dog? A dog. Hi, I’m Mira. Hello, Mira. A talking dog? It’s a talking dog. It’s not a real dog. It’s a robot. What’s your name? I do not believe I have a name. Daddy, what’s his name? I don’t know. Hmm, what about Radio Radio Mr. Sparky? Why Mr. Sparky? Why not? Okay, Mr. Sparky. Hear that? Your name’s Mr. Sparky. My name is Mr. Sparky. We’re going to be best friends. We are going to be best friends. Thank you, Daddy. I love you so much! It’s the best present ever! Listen, Mira Radio Don’t start getting weird on her. You did good. She’s happy. She is. She is happy, isn’t she? You did good! I’m so proud of you. Thanks, mom. Who wants cake? Yay, cake! Yay, cake. Man, where could he be? Seems like we looked everywhere. Aw man, it’s my dad. Oh, Tom? Tell him I said hi. Hey, dad. Hey, buddy. Everything good? This place is so awesome, Tyler. I can’t wait for you to get down here. How’s Robo-Dog? Oh, he’s doing good. Can I talk to him? He wants to talk to Robo-Dog. I’ll handle it. Give me the phone. Hi, Tom. Hi, Barry. How’s everything going? We lost Robo-Dog. What? What? No, I was just kidding. He’s right here. Can I speak with him, please? Sure. But if we had lost him, what would you do? I suppose I would check his tablet and track him down, Barry. Ah, you’d use the tablet to track him, of course. Barry. You’re starting to make me nervous. Can I speak with Robo-Dog please? Sure. He wants to talk to Robo-Dog. What am I supposed to do? Sound more robotic and dog-like. What? Here he is. Hello, Tom. Robo-Dog. Are you all right? Everything is fine. Thank you for asking. Are you sure? You sound a little odd. I am still recovering from my crash landing, but I am sure I will be just fine. Okay. Put Tyler back on the phone. Affirmative, dad, I mean, Tom. Hey dad. Tyler, it sounds like Robo-Dog is experiencing some issues. Oh yeah, no, he’s doing just fine. Just a little confused at times. Okay. I’ll check him out when you guys get out here. I’m excited for you to come, Tyler. All right, see you, dad. Bye. Man, that was close. Hey, we can use that tablet to track Robo-Dog. Let’s go. No problem. Let me finish my milkshake. All right, Barry, come on, let’s go. Ah, come on! Oh. Good, she’s asleep. Affirmative. Did you have a good time at the party? I am sorry, but I do not know your name. Oh, I’m, yeah, Carson Perry. Nice to meet you, Carson Perry. You’re an amazing thing. Please clarify. You make Mira smile, and that’s really incredible. Thank you. Oh, it has been my pleasure. What is that sound? I believe it is me. What does it mean? I am not sure. Here, let me take a look. Okay, we’re really close to him.

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