SWR Triple 9

SWR Triple 9 internet Australia Listen Live Radios Quality and uninterrupted publication.
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Address :Simpsons Pavilion, Blacktown Showground, 1 Richmond Road Blacktown, New South Wales, Australia
Telephone :+61 2 9676 3999

So big, that it has to reach Delhi. Okay Sir! Front page is already being printed. It will cost you a lot. How can I say no to you, madam! I will get it done. Hello! Coming sir! Where you are going? Baby, give me minutes. I’ll come back soon. Government informer is saying that SUDHAR card details have been stolen. This will be the top news. Now everybody is screwed. Mandatorily Come let’s update it right away. Stop the printing now! We’ll have to change the headlines. Dude I’ll give you some awesome scoop, to make memes. A cyber crime that has shocked the country, was committed in Namma Bengaluru. Over crore SUDHAR numbers have been leaked. Oh My God! This is killer news. Internet is not just entertainment. It is a gold mine of information. If you don’t listen to what I say, Then I’ll thrash you badly. What are you doing? Sir, Facebook live. Whatever it is that you’re doing, Go home and do it. Bofors scam, G scam, had already rocked our worlds, Now they’ve reached for our fingerprints too. Guys comment now. Every word you write has a price, Here keep this. I don’t write false news. If it is the truth, then I don’t need money to write it. You can leave now. Central Government opposed Supreme Court decision to enable SUDHAR, now stands embarrassed. *Breaking News Montage* Do you have any idea of the seriousness of this issue? Sir! I don’t know how media picked this up. I’m really sorry, Just stop it Anagha! If I go down, I promise to take everyone down with me. Sir! You made a circus out of a small case. Sorry Sir! Useless fellow. Leave. Call Ananth. Hello! Namaste! One minute. Yes sir! It’s better if we don’t accept this, Yes. Supreme Court is already tailing us closely. Don’t worry, I’ll handle things here. Yes! Thank you! There is no evidence against accused, Hence the court orders to release them. Our heart wishes for a lot of things, as we grow, we are so engrossed in life . There’s no place for these wishes. Anagha! In all these days, Didn’t you love me at least once? I will never love a criminal. Your court has decided that I am innocent. The court may have said it, but that doesn’t prove that you’re not a criminal. Isn’t it? We both know the truth. All your sincerity has given you nothing but loss. Aasthi! Life is not fair to everyone, Anagha! So It’s not necessary that you should be fair to life too. Giving those wishes a place in our heart, and chasing them .is a choice we always have. Aasthi! Don’t touch me. There are wounds everywhere. I’m done. Aasthi! These wounds tell where we came from not where we are going next. One crore for this, one crore for that Altogether, a crores. crores? Yes! Really? Yesterday we were almost killed. Today, you’re talking about crores I don’t know if you’re a hero or villain. Come! I am not a hero to anybody. I thought it’s okay to commit a crime. If a right man doesn’t lose anything. I did it too. SUDHAR policy has helped a lot of poor people. Their money is going straight into their accounts. The security of such policy is being monitored with utmost importance. So . Our fingerprints are all safe with us.

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