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Exactly, what the do you think I’m saying? Politicians eat and you gotta let me eat too or I’ll go to the cops and tell them everything. I understand. How much? I’ll find a way to get it to you. You don’t see, I want you to get me in with the right people, you decide. Relax, I’ll give you time. I know you’re worried, killing a minor with overdose doesn’t happen every day. I didn’t kill anyone. You have one day, I’ll be back tomorrow. Hello. Do you know why your father killed himself? No, I don’t. Debts. A mountain of debts, with us. Things weren’t going well for him lately. I know he had a tough period two years ago. That continued and we took on all his debts, we’re talking millions. So, everything he had is ours. He passed on early and we want our investment back. My friend, when the fat runs out, you get what you can, even the nerves, right down to the bone. Get my drift? Too bad nothing’s in my name, or I could have… We’re off to a bad start. How about the villa where you organize parties? No, it’s in the company name, all I have is stock. The majority of share, so, it’s yours. Not exactly… I’ll give you a week to hand over the villa, the house, car and all the small change you can scrape up. I’m furious with your father, so, if you don’t go, I’ll chop your leg off, put it in the fridge and give it back when you bring me the money. Scabbre… I need a hand, you have to help me. You asking me? Yes, only you. I had a visit from a guy, who needs to be taught certain things can’t be done. Who is it? A scab. I’m listening. Hi, Dagger. Hi, you scared me. The devil himself can’t scare you! Wait a minute. The politician complained. The you’re doing going to his office in front of everyone? It’s none of your business. It’s not done. We treat those people different. What do you want? Are you his butler? Why didn’t he come directly to me? Same reason your brother didn’t go and sent you. Manfredi doesn’t even know I saw him, this is my own deal. Politics aren’t your thing, forget it. And who’s thing is it, yours? Sorry but you gotta make room for me, I’m sittin’ at this table too. Why do you touch your when you talk? Got the clap? Maybe you do. Don’t me around. Who knows, maybe so. Manfredi’s right, when he says the Atlantic separates you and your pa. Your brother doesn’t even know where the Atlantic is, Dagger. So, I’ll tell him you’ll be by to give him a geography test. Good! Now get the lost! Manfredi! Manfredi! He died next to the locked door of his car, a brand new luxury SUV. Maybe he wanted to run and was attacked from behind. Alberto Anacleti is local, young, he grew up here. A figure known to police by his nickname, Dagger. We’re on the south east side of Rome, home to many strip clubs. Forensics is at work where it happened last night. The victim is a young man, about , it appears he was stabbed and for the moment, the men are working, but the weapon still hasn’t been found. Hi, Pippo. ACCIDENT OR EXECUTION? Did you read about Roach? Did you do it? It was Rome, it’s dangerous even to cross the street in this city. Over time I’ve learned to take it easy with the dead, they’re tough to handle. But it seems you don’t know that. What are you talking about? What the were you thinking calling Aureliano Adami to resolve a matter involving the Anacleti family? Manfredi Anacleti is one of the most badass s in Rome. I didn’t call anyone, I don’t know this Aureliano Adami. He’s called “Number “. I said I don’t know him! I just wanted to scare the who was blackmailing me, I spoke to a party colleague who has contacts… Why didn’t you call me? I haven’t seen or heard from you in years. How the did I know the asshole would kill him? How did you find out? I know lots of things. So, why are you here? To give you a hand, if anyone rubs you wrong, I’ll cover you. In exchange I need the Suburban Renewal Law. It’s on its way. With the amendment for the Ostia beaches? No, that still… Vote it with the amendment. You’re on the committee, right? Yes, but I can’t… Once again, vote it. In a few days, your party, the government…

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