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He did invite me to the shoot today. What? That’s a green light. We’re going. No, no, we can’t. There’s not enough time. It’s at the Olympic Pool, and we wouldn’t have time to get there and back during lunch. Somebody need a ride? If you guys look in that bag, you’ll find a treat. Treat? Coconut Bliss? It’s my favorite. You guys want some music? Yes, please. Here we go Oh, I love this song! The moment that you think you’ve got it all You make me feel so old. Sam, you are amazing! Thank you, and you smell nice. Sam, I have plans to clone you. Okay. You’re in really good shape. Oh, thanks. Yeah. You know, I do some running each morning. Every morning? Just a few miles before work. Okay, Diego, you’re an Olympic swimmer. Where do you want me? In my pants. In my bed. In the middle of the bridge. We have high speed cameras, so when you dive in, we’ll catch you in mid-flight. I’ll get up on there, but I’m not going in the water. Come on, babe. That’s the whole concept. I’m a climber, not a swimmer. Uh-oh. Diva effect’s kicking in. Okay, okay, you’re breaking skin. Now stand there like you’re about to dive in the water. I’m not getting in. I’ll go in! I’ll go in. What is Sam doing? Who is this person? Yeah, let him go in, man. Sam is not a star. You’re the star, okay? I got an idea. How about you simply stand there on the bridge with the ball above your head like Atlas. No, no, no, no. Don’t throw the ball. I’m outta here. Diego, babe! No. Out there, I’m just not really much of a person. I mean a water person. That’s Lapis. It’s supposed to help me with my Kryptonite. What’s your Kryptonite? Ex-boyfriend. He took something from me that he can’t give back, so It was a past life in Minnesota. Minnesota. It’s cold there, huh? Yeah, very. You’ve never been? Yeah. It was a sad time though. It was a sad time for me too. Well, maybe we’re due for some happy ones. Take a look around you and who do you see There’s a lot of people here Oh, shoot. We gotta go. We’re late. Is there anybody that you want to be Offer them a beer Because you might just find a girlfriend Or you might just find a man Never underestimate the power of a late-night decision drill whirrs Just use protection screeching He’s so cool. Oh! I did it! Oh, yeah. Someone’s in heat. Oh, you’re looking good, you little tart. Oh, there you are. Hey. Don’t come near me. I’ll come to you. Okay. Oh, yeah. That’s good. So should we sleep together now? Okay. Hello, my love I heard a kiss from you Red magic satin playing near too With guys, you can never tell who’s a good person or a bad person. Oh, that’s easy! Yeah? Like them. They’re nice people. And him? Ehh. Oh, they’re really nice. Hi! Hey. Oh, wait. She’s bad. She’s really bad. Yeah, I see you. I see you. Pretty music, I hear So happy and loud Blue flowers echo from a cherry cloud Feel sunshine sparkle pink and blue Playgrounds will laugh if you You slept with both of them? Yeah. Oh, you little slut! Wait, at the same time? No, no, it was different times. And it was just sleeping. Just sleeping? You mean you had full grown,

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