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Chairman of the International Securities Clearing Corporation, Chairman of the National Association of Securities Dealers, .which was FINRA before FINRA existed. Chairman of the SIA Trading Committee. Okay, we understand your point, sir. No, I don’t think you do. Chairman of the National Business Conduct Committee. Sir, we understand. Member of the SIA Federal Regulation Committee. Sir, that’s enough. Chairman of the NASD Small Order Execution Committee. I mean, you’re asking me. how I didn’t know. Well, I’m asking you. You’re the FBI, you’re the SEC. You investigated him before, .so I’m.I’m asking you. .how the did you not know?! Sir, we are not the focus here. You are. You’re saying that you never stepped foot. .on the th floor? No. And why not? (MUSIC PLAYING) d Sleigh bells ring d d Are you listening d d In the lane d d Snow is glistening d AGENT: What happened on the morning of December th, ? MAN: Uh, I was in my office. .and, uh, I got a telephone call. (PHONE RINGS) AGENT: Who was on the phone? MAN: It was, uh, Bernie Madoff. AGENT: What did Bernie Madoff say to you? Yeah? MAN: Frank, my brother, is in the office. What? with the FBI. What the ? AGENT: How old were you when you first started working. .for Bernie Madoff? I was years old. In what capacity had you known him? Oh, well, he was my boss. What type of work had you done for him over the years? Uh, really anything he asked me to. Everything from, you know, running errands. .to running his investment advisory department. Did you know why the FBI was at Peter Madoff’s office? (CHUCKLES) Yes, I did. And what did that mean to you? Uh, it meant that I was going to jail. AGENT: Why did you think you were going to jail? FRANK: Because I was well aware of the nature of the operation. (DOOR CLOSES) AGENT: And what was the nature of the operation? It was a fraud. .simply put. (DOOR CLOSES) FRANK: I always thought that Bernie. .would be able to make it good, you know? He had money here, he had money there, he moved stuff around. There was always a lot of moving parts. Maybe I was lying to myself. I don’t know, but I.I thought he. I thought he could cover it. (PEOPLE MURMURING) What the hell is this? Bernie’s been arrested for securities fraud. The SEC’s getting a court order. .to seize control and shut us down. Without an investigation? What could they possibly know? Whatever Bernie told them. Sir, who was that gentleman? He’s. uh, he works here. Where? Uh, on the th floor. There’s a th floor? (KEYPAD BEEPING) Annette, Bernie’s been arrested for securities fraud. The SEC and the FBI are upstairs right now. What? The hell does that mean? We need your keycard, ma’am. Come on, come on, come on. Please, please. Come on, come on, come on. (EXHALES) (BEEPING) AGENT: Open it. FBI! Everyone stop what what you’re doing! FBI! I said stop what you’re doing right now. Move away from the computer! Sir, FBI. Do not touch that computer. I said move away from the computer! MAN: Hey, Dan, walk this group out. (SIGHS) BERNIE: The advisory was a completely separate business, .a completely separate entity.

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