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me to get past being quiet and shy now, so it’s kind of like it’s reversing all the damage. INTERVIEWER: What does a mayor actually do? ANDY: So, mayors are responsible for running local government, providing roads and drains and all of those sorts of boring things and somehow managing to fit that into a local economy that can sustain the rate increases, all those sorts of things. So you chair a lot of meetings and basically every night of the week I’m out at a meeting somewhere. BETH: I’ve never watched a horror movie, ever, in my life. So I have to rely on other people to tell me what happens. Andy and I sat down one weekend and thought, ‘We need to watch horror movies, this is the business that we’re in.’ And we went to the video shop that’s when there were still videos and we got, I think it was seven for $, and we sat down and thought, ‘We’re going to watch these things.’ And we got about minutes into the first one, looked at each other and thought, ‘No, this is not us.’ And we took them back. I actually don’t like being scared. INTERVIEWER: And do you believe in ghosts? BETH: Yeah. At our home there’s somebody that stands at the end of the bed in one of the rooms. And here at Spookers I’ve seen somebody. JUNEEN: The scariest thing, and it is supernatural, is my mother ended up getting possessed. And it wasn’t something that lasted hours, it lasted a long time and it was really, really scary. When it first started and I called the ambulance and one of the paramedics turned around and said to me, “There’s nothing we can do to help her.” And then he asked me if we went to church and he goes, “Call your priest.” She was trying to bite everybody except me. I didn’t get kicked, I didn’t get bitten, didn’t get scratched, but everyone else did. I was three months pregnant when that happened. The next night when I found her with a lava-lava tied around her neck real tight and that was really weird because I’d gone to the bathroom and I could hear a funny noise coming from the room. So I quickly finished up and went in there and I said, “Mum, are you OK?” And she was just making this gurgling sound. Sorry. We had to hold her down and stuff to restrain her from doing any further harm. Just seeing her deteriorate in front of your eyes so quickly and there not being a real reason behind it was also scary. I do try to incorporate some of that stuff that I’ve seen into what I do. People might think that, you know, it’s just a story. It’s not a story. My family had to live through that and it was terrifying to see somebody go through that, that you really love, and the repercussions of what happened afterwards with her health and stuff, it was just, it was horrible. It was really horrible and I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. MICHELLE: There are probably or a night that don’t actually make it through the attractions. We have customers that curl up into the foetal position. We have customers that just run away screaming, go and hide in their cars and don’t come back. We obviously have a lot of customers that wet their pants.

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