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And that’s for people to do whatever the I say. I just ordered a team to find and kill your father-in-law. Give us the memory card. That’s all we want. Nobody gets hurt. Jim, we both know that’s not true. Patch me through everywhere. Right away, sir. Come on, frank. Come on, frank. Shit. Move in and capture the driver of that vehicle. If he tries to retreat, resist or advance, shoot to kill. Shit. Looks like we’re both ed. All right, Travis. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. This one’s for you, frank. Hold. Go, go, go, go. Secure the vehicle first. Make sure he’s dead. One, two, three. Cover me. Left side. Sir, the vehicle is inaccessible. The stairwell’s totally blocked. Go around. I want a team up here now. Yes, sir. Echo team on me. Move. Send a strike team to find the interpol agent and that card. Yes, sir. Right away. You got the right place. And the right time. Motherers. Strike team, moving out. Copy that. I want a status report on the target right now. Copy that. Approaching the vehicle now. What is that? The security gate is down. Open it. Sir, a security system breach has been detected. All perimeter gates are unresponsive. It’s him. He’s still alive. Sir, there’s nobody in the vehicle. He’s protecting the girl. He’s trying to with us. Shit. Sir, we got c- wired to explode here. Watch it, watch it, watch it, watch the lights. Secure the room. No one gets in here. Tech, you copy? Yes sir. What can I do for you? Send the chopper. And get me an outside strike team on that interpol bitch. Call me the second you have her. Stay frosty, boys. What are you doing? I’m having a drink. You want one? A million dollars to the man who kills Conrad. But only if he stays dead! I am so sorry. It’s okay, dad. You’re almost home. Come on out, Travis. Your transport has arrived. You don’t want to shoot him, because you think he’s your friend. He had no problem looking the other way when I ordered Adam and Kate to be killed. A man with no family has nothing to lose. You knew.

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