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We want you to create your own fairy tale from these puppets. You have one hour to use these puppets for your stories. You will be telling us your fairy tale yourself. Okay, then. Another tough challenge. Shit, what’s gonna be my story? I’m not really into any fairy tales. I can’t think of one. I did okay. But I didn’t do my best. Because I don’t have to be the mini challenge winner. I have to be the runway and maxi challenge winner. Pit Crew, darling. Please go stand at the entrance. We are going to need the space. Amadiva, since you won the last week’s runway, you will get to pick your puppet first. If you’re ready, go ahead. Don’t grab something else. I want the chicken but it’s right here, excuse me. Calm down, calm down. And I had no idea the producers were so shady that they clipped the puppet from the inside. But I created a nice moment out of it where I slowly slid my hand inside. Can you believe it’s been minutes already? Oh, there she goes. What did you get? A chicken? The chicken matches my personality, they’re like–. So I was like, I’ll just choose the chicken, it’s cute. And the rest of my sissy girls, are you ready? Ready. If you’re ready, go for it! His shorts are coming off! How did everyone else just pulled off their puppets?! Jaja loves playing around with a guy’s crotch. It’s really no surprise because her face looks like a pubic lice. Sometimes it seems like Jaja might cheapen Thai’s LGBT by the inappropriate things that she does. I noticed that they were animal puppets at first. So I aimed for the elephant because it’s my mascot. Plus, Ella is from elephant. But honestly, I wasn’t looking at the elephant puppet but rather at the pit crew’s elephant trunk. Alright, we prepared extra stuff to make your puppets even more colorful. Panpan, go ahead. These boxes contain the exact same fabrics. You girls can use these improve the characters of your puppets. You may also use any of the accessories we’ve provided to you on this table. But not everyone will get to choose the same accessories. Like before,

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