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and I made dinner plans. Oh. I’ve been dreaming of fish all day. I know that was you with the water! Hmm? Hmm? CARL: Right. Well, I’ll get back to work. I’m a little behind schedule anyway. You don’t have to work tonight. No, no, it’s all right. I’ll be out of your hair before you get back from your dinner. Thanks, Carl. We appreciate it. Carl, I’m really sorry. Carl I’ll see you at work tomorrow! growls Wow. He’s fast. So you been working with that guy? Yeah. You guys know each other? Yeah. Screwing around the park and stuff. Wow. The park’s really becoming a trendy spot. Once in a while Dude, look that’s him. This place is supposed to be pretty good. It got a . on Yelp. Oh. Do you want to try some of this macadamia-stuffed chrysanthemum? in so long You find yourself Asking questions like Who am I to be loved by someone So beautiful Yeah, girl You wanna go closer to the fire? We can just move. Why would I want to get closer to the fire? Maybe it’s time Can I get you anything else? Oh, my God. Are you who I think you are? Who do you think I am? Him. I guess so. Wow! Mmm! Just ripped. Body so tight. I-I have to ask. Can I get your autograph on the menu? Thank you. gasps Ooh. snarls Mm-hmm. He’s selling that cologne, girl. Who am I to be loved by someone so beautiful Yeah, but you make me feel so beautiful You’re kind of amazing. Why is that? I don’t know. It’s like you’re seeing everything for the first time. Huh. You’re not self-conscious. You don’t really seem to worry about what people think of you. Why would I care about that? Well, I’m terrified of what people think of me. Don’t be. See, I’ve met several people now, and you’re different. Kind. Generous. You don’t really know me. I kinda do. How’s that? Everything you are, you wear out in the open. How do they say? On your sleeve. Only an idiot would miss it. You okay? Yeah, yeah. breeze approaching Oh, that was my grandmother’s scarf. I’ll get it. Thanks. I don’t think I can get down. siren blares Come on, buddy, come down. He got up there in like two seconds. Yeah, sure he did. Come on. I don’t know. Come on, fella. Don’t make us force you down. It’s late. Go home with your girl so we can all get some sleep. Will I get a treat if I do? Yes! So, uh, this is my place. Oh, my God, this feels so good. It does? Well, yeah, it’s velvet. Oh, yeah, I guess I never really pay attention to that kind of stuff. I mean, how could you not? Feel it. Okay. Oh, yeah. No, that does feel It feels amazing. That feels good too. Do you want to watch TV? Okay. Maybe there’s a romantic movie on, if you like that kind of thing. Oh, so that’s how it’s done. Can I try? Oh, yeah, sure. You don’t have a remote? MAN ON TV: He’s a Supreme Court justice, you know. TV channels changing It’s like magic. birds tweeting on TV Or we could go to the roof. It’s really beautiful, isn’t it? Yes, it is. squeaks I gotta go. What? Yeah. I got a shoot tomorrow. squeaking continues Don’t move. What are you doing? I got my confidence back on the heights. I only have a thing with trees. Will I see you again?

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