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You can turn around now. Will I do? Well, at least you won’t be cold. I want to thank you. Not only for what you did, but for what you’re going to do. Going to do? Forget about this. Oh, yes, yes, of course. Of course. Oh, you’d better take this with you. Oh. Oh, no, it’s stopped. It has? Why, so it has. Odd. “So foul and fair a day I have not seen.” That’s Shakespeare. Macbeth,Act One, I know. You do? Uh-huh. Well. Good night. Uh, good night. Macbeth.Act One. And there are other basic affinities in the languages of this group. For example, in all of them, ancient and modern, masculine nouns take a feminine number, and vice versa, from three to . Who can give us an example of this grammatical idiosyncrasy? Yes, Mr. Crane? Are you all right, Mr. Crane? Would you like to be excused? Uh, no. I’m all right now. Uh, it must have been something I ate. Uh, an example. The word for “goat,” for instance, is masculine, but three goats is feminine. Oh, very good, Mr. Crane. That’s quite right. And now, who can tell us in what parts of the modern world the Turkish language is spoken? Yes, Miss Blakiston. Actually, although it’s not generally known, Osmanli is the head of a large family of tongues. The Turkish language in its several dialects is spoken from Central Persia to . Is something wrong, Professor Jones? Uh, wrong? Oh, no, no, Miss Blakiston. From Central Persia to Siberia. The dialects sometimes differ greatly. For example . Uh, that’s fine, Miss Blakiston, thank you. But I haven’t finished. Class dismissed. “Thus is gained the ancient threefold power, “the first part of which is that “of the pointing finger, “known as the power of the sudden pain.” The sudden pain. My goodness. “The second part of which is that “of the uttered name, “known as the power “of retarded movement.” Zotz! Mercy sakes. “The third and last part of which is that of the “pointing finger and the uttered name together.” Well . Zotz! The silent death. “He who holdeth this sacred disk shall be “imbued with this dreaded threefold power “only so long as it remains in his possession. “And should it pass into the hands of another, “that other will hold the power “for a short time only.” Hmm. Zotz! Good afternoon, Jones. Oh, hello, Kellgore. Uh, what have you got ther It looks like a lizard. Lizard? Where? Oh, this. Oh, this lizard. Oh, yes. Yes, a remarkable example of saurian life. Yes, direct descendant of the dinosaur. Is that so? I didn’t kno w you were interested in that sort of thing. Oh, yes. Yes, indeed. Fascinating subject. Mmm. You don’t say. Oh, incidentally, Jones, I suppose you’ve met our new colleague, Professor Fenster? No, I haven’t. What’s Professor Fenster’s field? Modern European languages, or so I’m told. Why, that’s your field. Yes, it is. One might almost think they’re considering, what do you call it? Kicking me upstairs. Yeah. Or downstairs. Yes. Well, toodle-oo, Jone Have fun with your dinosaur. Toodle-oo. Zotz! Extraordinary! Zo . Professor Jones, are you feeling all right? Yes, sir, never better. Yes. I understand you dismissed your class early today?

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