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great La Rochefoucauld. The . Hello, everybody. Sorry I’m late. Accept my apologies, Horatio. Yes, yes. It’s good to see you, Jones. Most unexpected. Did you have a nice trip? Fantastic. I hope you didn’t miss the Lincoln Memorial, a very moving experience Brings tears to my eyes every time I see it. Yeah, well, if you don’t mind, just sit down, please. Yes. Traitor. Jonathan, you . n. Don’t bother to explai My dear friends . Friends? My dear and true friends, although I usually abstain from intoxicating spirits, I would on this occasi on like to indulge in sort of a token sip of this ceremonial champagne It is indeed fitting that I propose a toast to our beloved dean. And put into words the true feelings in my heart . Zotz! Your knowledge has been a guiding hand for all these many years building towards dedication to something recognized the whole world over in the tremendous force of the noble language. And so on this emotional occasion . It’s disgraceful. The man’s making a drunken exhibition of himself. I know, my dear, but what can I do? Assert yourself. .hold this party in recognition . Yes, yes, Kellgore. Very nice indeed of you. Thank you. But I haven’t finished yet. Thank you, Kellgore. That will be all. I’m sure what my colleague, Professor Kellgore, means to say is something which all of us feel in our hearts, but find very difficult to express Simply ave atque vale. Hail and farewell. Hail and farewell. Hail and farewell. Hail. Thank you, Jonathan. Thank you very much. It’s good to have you among us again. And now, for heaven’s sake, let’s enjoy ourselves. Professor Jones? Yes, I’m Jones. A gentleman to see you, sir, just inside the main entrance. To see me? Yes, sir. Oh, very well. Excuse me. Who is kooks now? Here, sir. Thank you. Professor Jones? Yes. Jonathan Jones? That’s right Well, I’m sure glad I was able to find you so quickly. My name is Bates, Josh Bates. What can I do for you, Mr. Bates? Well, it’s more a question of what we can do for you. I’m with the government, Professor. Ah . And I’ve been sent to bring you back to Washington. I see. Well, perhaps first thing tomorrow morning. No, sir. Now. Now? Yes, sir. Nobody knows better than yourself, sir, how important this matter is. Yes, but I . And how timely. Well, that’s true. However, my friends and family in there . And how secret, Professor. Why, if you were to tell the that you were flying back to Washington tonight, word might leak out. You have a point, Mr. Bates. Still, if I could just have a few seconds with my niece, I . There isn’t time, Professor. Please, sir. The plane is waiting. Well, you can phone your niece later. All right, Mr. Bates. Let’s go. Very powerful plane. Only the best for you, Professor. Yes, very interesting. I don’t know what happened, but I had a feeling like I was floating. Cynthia, where’s your uncle? I don’t know. I must get a checkup, you know. I’m sick, I think. Really. Excuse me. Where are you going, Professor? Mr. Bates. Yes? You are, you said, with the government? That’s right, Professor. What government? You will learn the answer to that question very soon. I was afraid of that. Oh, you need be afraid of nothing, Professor. You are to be our honored guest. But not in Washington? Not, as you say, in Washington. But this is preposterous! Why are your people interested in me? Something about an ancient coin. What coin? The one with the secrets. What secrets? I neither know nor care. Atomic secrets, I suppose, hidden inside it, or something of that nature. I will relieve you of that object. You will not do that again. Oh, no? Why won’t I? Because we have taken certain precautions. What kind of precautions? I will tell you. I see. That’s right, Professor. If anything happens to me, or to this plane, my comrade, Igor, has orders . I understand. That is good When we reach our destination, you will reveal to us the secrets of this coin Until that time, I will take charge of it What? The coin! Oh. Oh, yes, the coin. Give it to me. You don’t think I carry a thing like that around with me, do you? What? It’s in a hiding place back in Saracen Valley.

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