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I mean, he didn’t have any money, did he? Well, what reason would anyone have for hurting him? MAGREW: Here are the raw materials. Hard, fine grain. No knots, no flaws, perfect wood. I’ve never seen wood like it. What is it? Very exotic. Very expensive. And here, here are the tools you’ll need. Study them. Learn what each one can do. pieces. Each piece must be cut precisely to scale. Like the inner gears of a wooden clock, there can be no flaws, no mistakes, in size, dimension or shape. Otherwise, the puppet cannot be properly assembled. All this would be wasted. What will it look like when it’s finished? You’ll learn that in good time, son. I don’t understand, I mean what’s the secret? These are just pieces of wood. No matter how perfect I carve them, they’ll still just be pieces of wood. How can putting them together make them live? You want to know the secret of how to make a dead thing live? You put your soul into it. You put everything you have into this carving, and you have my word, it will live. When do you think you can begin? Right now. Have you seen his work? Yeah, I’ve seen it. I can’t tell how good it is, it’s all in pieces. This boy’s a real artist, yes, sir. Better than Matt? Matt did carving for you too? Oh, yeah, he did work for us. I’d show it to you, except that he took it with him. His work was good. He was a natural. But you’re better. His work had quality. But yours? Yours has perfection. After all, that’s what we’re striving for, isn’t it? Sir? Perfection. We’re trying to create perfection. Take a look at Blade over there. He never tires, never hungers, knows no fear, tells no lies. Feels no pain, has no secrets. And what is man, except at being at war with himself? But not Blade, mmm-mmm. He has no hidden motives, no secret self. He’s purely and perfectly what he is. In fact, I think the world would be a better place if we were all like him. But he doesn’t talk. Which only supports my position. Oh, let me shut myself up. All right, now go upstairs and go to bed. – No, no, I’m fine. – No. (SCREAMING)

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