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Go safely. I’ll phone. -You know I don’t have a phone. That’s why I said it. What are you doing? It’s driving me crazy. Are you really like that after one can of beer? I don’t know where she is. Who? She’s not summoning me. Since she’s not summoning me I can’t find her. I thought I was omniscient and there was nothing I couldn’t do, but Games I can’t even find her. All the stuff I have is all just useless. That’s true. Just eating and playing. Then, what did you do before that? I have to find her, always like this. Just phone her, wouldn’t she have a phone? Yeah, I don’t know her number. Now it’s best if I don’t know. He found her. Mum, are you doing well? Mum, did you go to heaven? ♬ And I’m here ♬ How is heaven? Is it better than here? Mom, I Games I’ll be here Games Mom, I’m Games Games not doing so well. No-one asks how I’m doing. Again? I’m sick of this. My raining life. ♬ And I’m here, home, home with you. ♬ ♬ With me. ♬ It’s like this because I’m melancholy. What is? The rain. It’ll stop soon. When you are melancholy it rains? Yes. Then when there’s a typhoon, how melancholy are you? That’s not me, but the earth’s melancholy. Have you been well? The rain’s about to stop. My mood just got better. I didn’t summon you though. Yes, you didn’t summon me. I’ve been busy as well, here and there. I’ve also had a lot to do. Now it’s going to be a problem. What? Now every time it rains, I’ll think that you must be melancholy. When I’m already so busy with all the troubles and hardships in my life, I’ll have to worry about you too. Aren’t you cold? Why are you here like this? Because I’m unhappy. Now it’ll just become a cold. What? My misfortunes. It finds me just when I’m about to forget and I contract it when it comes time. Well, it doesn’t mean that they bother me. [The word for ‘bother’ and ‘stab’ as in with a sword are the same.] You’re not saying that you know something, right? [The word for ‘bother’ and ‘stab’ as in with a sword are the same.] Well, I guess there is something prickling you. [The word for ‘prickle’ and ‘stab’ as in with a sword are the same.] Stop saying it. The word that I hate the most is that. Well then I chose really well! Keep going with what you’re saying. I expect you won’t be able to hear it without tears. I’ll try to bear it. Do you perhaps know that saying? ‘To humans, there are four stages of life.’ ‘The stage of sewing the seeds, the stage of watering the sewn seeds, the stage of harvesting the watered seeds, and the stage of using the harvested seeds.’ How do you know that? That’s what only the deceased says to the dead. It’s my th year as a goblin bride, you know. I heard what the ghosts were saying. So it’s really unfair. The life that I can’t get past, is just work and work again. I can’t get past the second stage. Mourn. To a kid? Then? There’s lots. Tap on the shoulder. Pat my hair. $? Ah gosh, your hands? My hands, since they do a lot of work, have to rest a bit. Well.. since they are kept for when I receive important things, like a bouquet. What? Why? Forget it. Present. It’s pretty right? It is pretty. It is right? ♬ This beautiful life, I’ll be by your side. ♬ ♬ This beautiful life, I’ll be behind you. ♬ ♬ Beautiful life. ♬ What are you doing? By touching your head, I’m saying goodbye, since I’m leaving tomorrow. ♬ Beautiful life, beautiful thing. When memories with you all disappear ♬ ♬ Beautiful life, beautiful thing. In your memory ♬ ♬ beautiful love, beautiful my love ♬ ♬ This beautiful life. ♬ Your stuff? You asked me yesterday. It’s because I want to keep hearing it. Since it makes me happy. You’ve got a message. No, that’s the sound of the doorbell. It’s the first time in years. Yeah Games What? What did I just say? We’re not going to see someone appear from time to time are we? Why are you being scary like that? Go and have a look. I can’t though. Hey what kind of Grim Reaper who boasts and is so dignified like that can’t do it? And you? Oh jeez. Isn’t this the Goblin’s residence? This is my house. Did you come to see me? Me? Do you have an appointment with me? No, I found the wrong place- Did you even let her know your house? What are you doing here? How did you know to come here? I asked the ghosts where the Goblin’s house is. But why is that Grim Reaper at your house Games ? I guess a couple fight is going on, well whatever, sort it out between you. Since I’m in the middle of being upset. Do the two of you live together? Until today. But why did you come? There was something I didn’t have the chance to say. You know about asking me what I see. What happens if can see it though? Why are you asking? You can’t see it anyway. Who says I can’t see it though? One, if I see it, does it mean we have to get married straight away? Two, if I see it, will you give me $? Three, if I see it Games will you not leave? Please don’t go. Just stay here, in Korea. Can you not? You Games do you really see it? If I see it? Prove it. You answer first. Out of one, two and three, what will you do? You can’t see it. I can really see it though, really I can. This sword. ♬ I erased you because of the many painful memories ♬ ♬ Because your love pains me, I erased everything ♬ ♬ My love, don’t throw me away, me. ♬ ♬ My love, I am at your side. ♬ ♬ Falling you ♬ She says that she can see the sword! She says that she’s my bride! That means I’m going to die! Is she really my Uncle’s bride? Why is she my Uncle’s bride though? By God’s joke. It’s a perfect house for raising kids. Let’s have kids and live a good lovey dovey life. Ah, this is why it’s called the burden of marriage. Ajusshi, is this possibly a honeymoon? Hello, have you been well during this time? I’ve made up my mind. I have to disappear, before I end up wanting to live even more. Before I get even happier. For you, this is a choice I must make, to end this life.

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