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For a minute, I almost forgot my life is in ruins. I’m sorry. What for? I’m gonna go to bed. Good night. All right. Good night, Aurora. She is wonderful. Excellent choice. Hello. Hi. Here you go. Is he asking me on a date? Do you need a pen? She didn’t seem that impressed. “Love to.” She wrote, “Love to.” You have a visitor. Wow. You clean up pretty good yourself. You went shopping. I went shoplifting. Evening. What can I get for you? I’ll have a Manhattan, please. Whiskey, rocks. Coming up. You two look fine this evening. Thank you, Arthur. We’re on a date. Very nice. Took you long enough to ask. I was giving you space. Space. The one thing I do not need more of. That was so good. It wasn’t easy getting a reservation. They’re probably gonna want us to give up our table. Mmm-hmm. I’m getting a lot of dirty looks. Very popular tonight. So how’s your book coming? I don’t really know what it is yet. My dad, he used to always write about his life, but he had stories. He’d sailed around Antarctica. He was a war reporter. He had lovers. He wrote about his daughter. He wrote about you? Yeah. I grew up reading about myself in his books. How was that? Not always easy. A little more than you wanted to know about yourself. And then, when I was , he had a hear’: attack. Right at his keypad. End of story. That was so serious. I’m sorry. We need more wine. I like hearing about your life. Thanks. Why are we here? You’ll see. Best show in town. So you’ve done this before? Oh, yeah. And it’s safe? No. Reasonably safe. Hop in. You’re next. What about my dress? Right. Turn around. Tether attached. What are you doing? Do you trust me? Thank you. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. You kill me. You okay? Yeah. I’m fine. It’s just Yeah, I know. So, I’m seeing someone. You’ll never guess who. We’re the last two people in the world who would ever get together. But here we are. The last two people in the world. What’s that? I’m writing, Arthur. Hush. Jim and I live in accidental happiness. Like castaways, making their home on strange shores. “Strange shores.” I love it. You do? You don’t have to say that. I know. You’re not gonna eat this. Does that seem fishy to you? Keep reading. It’s funny. We all have dreams. We plan our futures like we’re the captains of our fates. But we’re passengers. We go where fate takes us. I can’t Help Arthur! This isn’t the life we planned. But it’s ours. And for the first time in my life, I don’t feel alone. We weren’t supposed to find each other. But we did. He makes me feel like my life isn’t over. Like it’s just beginning. How was your day? Good. I wrote a few pages. Did you find anything that can help us? I did. Are they real? I cut them myself. Oh, WOW! You know, for two unlucky people, we sure got pretty lucky. Attention. You may wish to proceed to a viewing area. The Avalon will slingshot around the star Arcturus. Look! Oh, my God! That was amazing. A red giant. The universe’s present to you. What? Happy birthday. Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, dear Aurora Happy birthday to you A birthday drink for the birthday girl.

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