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I got another internet Radio, dude! Uh, drink Red Bull. Oh, Online Radio. Look, man, it’s her! It’s the super fan, Online Radio maniac that stole my weed. Come on, let’s follow her. No, we’re not gonna follow her. Let’s just drop off the food and go to the party! Online Radio! Look! Now she’s stealing from homeless people! That’s not right! Now, I’m going to teach her a lesson. Okay. Hey! Did you steal my weed? Uh, no. We just saw you Online Radio rob some homeless people and I’m missing my weed, so Online Radio You got me, I stole your weed. But I told you right away that I’m kind of a Grinch. triple j 105.7 2jjj Eat me, sheep. You’re an actual Grinch. You’re like the mayor of Whoville. I’m building a body of work. I’m following in the path of my Christmas heroes: The Grinch, the Sticky Bandits, Hans Gruber from Die Hard. I walked by you and I heard you going on about your Christmas plans Online Radio and you’re this football douche and I Google you Online Radio Jackpot! I pretend to be a fan Online Radio we have Online Radio, yes. And then I stole your weed. It’s Christmas! You don’t steal from people on Christmas. I just want my weed back. You’re really cute when you get mad. That’s cute. This is the thing I didn’t expect. To Online Radio ing like you, dude. You are so funny Online Radio and talented, and handsome. And easy. My God, dude! Hey! I’m gonna Online Radioing catch Online Radio Ah! Unh! Later, sucka! She Home Alone’d me! Are these Micro Machines? Wow! Let’s go. Girl’s a genius. Josh, hit the gas! Go! We got to catch that girl! Go down to the corner and make a right! Hurry up, man! Chase her! Who? The girl who stole my weed! Hurry up! She stole your weed? Yeah. That Online Radioing Online Radio. I’m gonna kill her. Go get her, baby! Not so fast! Guys, my iPhone’s that way! We got to find my iPhone! It’s the other direction! Wait! Slow down! Speed up! Don’t slow down! If you’re my guy, you won’t slow down! Hit the gas! Hit the gas! Let’s go. There she is! There she is! We got her! We got her! Red light, red light! No! You run that light! Are you my guy? I’m your guy. Give me your hand! Go through that light, baby! Oh, I Online Radioed up. I Online Radioed up. I’m sorry. Unh! Oh! Are we alive? Yeah. Look. Look, it’s a sleigh. We can still get her. No. Let’s just go to the party, okay? We’re going on a sleigh ride! No. We’re not going on a sleigh ride. Come on, triple j 105.7 2jjj Shotgun! Hahaha. Shotgun! Hurry up. You guys know this can’t possibly work. Of course it’ll work! Let’s get that Grinch! Let’s find my phone! Mush, motherOnline Radioer! Whoa! I’m stuck! My hands are stuck! No, no, no! Online Radio! Online Radio, Online Radio, Online Radio! Unh! Dude! What happened just now? He’s okay. He looks okay. We have to go! She went this way! Let’s go get this weed! No. Forget about the weed, man. We’re not gonna split up now. Let’s go to the party. No. You don’t understand, man! It’s really important! It’s for Tommy. It’s not important. I’ll meet you at the F Train. You Online Radioing believe this guy? My phone! It’s close! I got to go! No. Listen to me. No. You listen to me. If I die, they will play this video at my funeral! Okay! You’re on drugs! Yes! You’re not making sense! No! Trust me. Okay. We’re gonna stick together. And go to the party. I’ll meet you at the F Train! No! Dude! What the Online Radio! This is crazy. Oh, come on. How does this Online Radioing work? This is so confusing. Online Radio! Ugh. My eyes aren’t working. What asshole invented this stupid thing? Hey, man. Excuse me. Hey, dude. How’s it going? I’m Isaac. Hi, Isaac. I hate to bug you. I lost my phone, and I’m using this app to try to find it. I’m kind of having a hard time. It’s confusing me a little bit. You think you can maybe help me out? Sure, hold my cane for a second. Awesome. Sure, I’ll hold your cane. triple j 105.7 2jjj Hey, Merry Christmas, Isaac. Merry Christmas to you too, man. Thanks. I’ve been having a pretty crazy night. I’m gonna level with you, I’m a little Online Radioed up right now. Hehheh. No way. You don’t say? Yeah. Yeah. What’s your name? Spencer. That’s my family over there. Hi! I’m Isaac, nice to meet you. What’s up, man? Hey. You have dogs. Can I pet them? Go ahead. They’re fine. Thank you. triple j 105.7 2jjj You’re very welcome. Hi, guys. What’s up, Isaac? Come on and give us a pat. Oh my God, they talk! Haha. Of course. All dogs can talk. There’s another one. That tickles. Oh, hi. I love you. Isaac? Betsy. Oh, Online Radio. Hi. Wow. Hahaha. Hi. Hi. Oh. Okay. I never wanna let go. What’s happening? What are you doing here right now? What were you doing in the nativity scene? I was hanging out with Spencer and his family. They’re really beautiful people. Spencer? They’re great people. They’re interracial. Why do you have the staff, honey? What’s happening right now? Where are we now? This is the church. Do you remember? You’re here for that? Yes. And I’m just telling you right now that you need to go Online Radio because my family is paying for the cab right now. So you need to get out of here before they show up. Your family is coming? Yeah. So maybe go and run the other way. Where should I go? Just Online Radioing go before they get here. Go. I love you. Okay? I love you. Okay. I love you. Bye. All right, bye. That’s very sweet. Bye. What are you coming back for? Just go that way! I don’t know where Online Radio No, no, no! Not inside the church. Go, go, go. Get the Online Radio out of here. Wait. I know them. Hi! Hi. Hi! Oh, my God! Look at you guys. It’s so good to see you! What a hat. Why don’t you come join us. Come on in for midnight mass. Oh, no. I don’t think that’s a good idea. Why not? Because he’s hanging out with his friends tonight. Right, triple j 105.7 2jjj I don’t see anybody. I don’t know where they are right now. Come sit with us. I’ve never been in a church. Come on. Okay. Yeah? Yeah. Great! I’ll see you in there! Let’s go to midnight mass together. Okay. Yeah, if you say so. Save us a seat. How Online Radioed up are you right now? I’m not Online Radioed up at all, Betsy. I’m your rock. You look like a crack rock. I’m not. Don’t say that. triple j 105.7 2jjj

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