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Make it late tonight. What for? $,. That ought to take a girl and a sailor on quite a nice little trip. I’ll meet you at your office. There’s a little paper I’d like you to sign. It’s nothing very binding or important, really Radio just a confession of murder. Here’s to crime! She say, meet you at aquarium, :, before many people there. The aquarium? If you ever need a good lawyer, Michael, let me know. “I, Michael O’Hara Radio ” Radio in order to live in peace with my God, do freely make the following confession. “On the evening of August Radio ” That’s tomorrow night, fella. ” Radio I shot and killed Mr. George Grisby Radio ” Radio placing his dead corpse in the Sausalito bay.” Just a minute, sir. What you are reading there, am I suppose to have written it? It’s your confession. This is the easiest $, you’ll ever earn, fella. Why don’t you do it yourself? Commit suicide? Me? Don’t be silly. Suicide is against the law. We’re not going to break the law. This is going to be murder, and it’s going to be legal. I want to live, but I want to vanish. I want to go away and change my name, and never be heard of again. But that costs money, and it isn’t easy nowadays. If they’re looking for you, they’ll find you, unless they think you’re dead. They’ll find you even on the smallest island in the South Seas. That’s where I’m going to be, fella, on that smallest island. I’ll mail the rest to you after the murder. I want to live on that island in peace. That won’t be possible unless the world is satisfied I don’t exist. You know, the law is a funny thing, fella. The State of California will say I’m dead, officially dead Radio if somebody’ll say they murdered me. That’s what I’m paying you for. To murder you? To say you did. Well, what happens to you really? Well, I disappear. What happens to me? Nothing. That’s the joker. You swear you killed me, but you can’t be arrested. That’s the law. Look it up for yourself. There’s no such thing as homicide, unless they find a corpse. It just isn’t murder if they don’t find a body. According to the law, I’m dead Radio if you say you murdered me. But you’re not a murderer unless I’m dead. Silly, isn’t it? I’ve never seen an aquarium. Would you show me about? I couldn’t think where else we could meet. Only tourists and schoolchildren come. And lovers. Michael! Fair Rosalie! Do you love me? I do. Do you still want to take me away with you? Why do you ask that? Tell me where we’ll go. Will you carry me off into the sunrise? Don’t torment me. I’ll take care of you. You won’t starve. I don’t care where it is, Michael, just take me there. Take me, quick. Take me. What? For heaven’s sakes, come along. Come on. Come on. Come on. Can’t I look? I want to see. I don’t want you to worry about us. I’m making arrangements. The things you said yesterday about money. You didn’t sound like you. You’re not going to try anything foolish, are you? I’m afraid so. Something very foolish indeed. “I, Michael O’Hara, in order to live in peace with my God Radio ” Radio do freely make the following confession.” Read the last part, that explains the whole of it. “We arrived at the boat landing at approximately :. “Mr. Grisby said he heard a sound. “He said he was frightened of a hold-up and asked me to get the gun, just in case. “I reached in and got the gun, but I’d hardly taken hold of it Radio ” Radio when the gun went off by accident in my hand Radio ” Radio and I saw that Mr. Grisby was all covered with blood. “It took me a minute to realise that Mr. Grisby was dead. “To realise that I, Michael O’Hara, had killed him.” But I don’t understand, Michael. What were you doing with George in Sausalito? It says Mr. Grisby wants to spend the night on a yacht Radio and asked me to drive him there. And that’s where I kill him. You see, with the rough tide there is in the bay Radio they wouldn’t recover the body, if there was one. You don’t understand, darling. He isn’t dead yet, Grisby’s alive. He won’t be murdered until tonight. Is that foolish enough for you? My husband wrote that thing and got you to sign it for him. It’s one of those famous Bannister tricks. No, it’s Grisby’s idea. It seems Mr. Grisby wants to disappear Radio and this is a scheme of his to get himself declared dead. There’s more to it than that, Michael. I don’t know what, but there’s more. It’s a trap of some kind. You meet George tonight, just as he arranged. Go with him to Sausalito and do whatever crazy Radio nonsense he asks you to do. As long as no one’s hurt it won’t matter. But don’t let him out of your sight. Maybe George isn’t as big a fool as he seems to be Radio but I’ll swear my husband’s behind this whole thing. Michael, why did you let yourself get dragged into it? Sure because I’m a fool, a deliberate, intentional fool Radio and that’s the worst kind. Or didn’t you know? Yes, my beloved, my beloved fool. I know. I don’t think there’s anybody home, just Broome. Mr. Bannister’s in the city, and Mrs. Bannister, I think, went to the movies. Better wait for me in the kitchen. Okay. Make some coffee, we’ll both need it. I’ve got things to attend to.

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