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The stairs are all gone! There you go. A little more, a little more, a little more. I see him. screaming No. No, don’t! No! No, go back! The building! screaming It’s going to go! It’s going to go! Pull up! Pull up! screaming people screaming Danny! Danny! Danny! Danny! Danny, can you hear me? Mom? Danny! Danny, I’m here! Mom, I can’t get down! Danny, stand away from the edge. Get back from the edge, honey! Move back! Here, use this. Danny, stand away From the edge– move back! Mom! I’m here. Where’s dad? Dori? Hey! Hey… Hey, fella! You all right, huh? laughing building creaking Come on, we’ll get you some water And we’ll go find them, okay? horn honking Where is he? Woman: Yeah, yeah, he’s right over there. Mr. Mayor… We’ve gotten word That your mother’s at new york general. Critical, sir. Get out of here. I’ll cover for you. Get going. What are we going to do? You’re going to have to wait over there With the rest of the parents. That’s my son up there. I’m not going anywhere Until you tell me what it is You are going to do. The whole building’s like a shattered eggshell. The facade is actually holding it up. It’s ready to come down And I don’t want to be the one to help it. We can’t get a ladder truck in So we tried the helicopter– You saw what happened. The wash from the blades Nearly toppled the entire structure. We have to figure out a way To make a climb. A climb? The stairwells have all been destroyed So we need to go up the outside. There’s an exposed beam right there. Throw a lead line over that And run a static line. I don’t think that’s safe. I’ll do it. I don’t think so. I-I can do it. I’m an expert rock climber. It’s out of the question. I’ve climbed el capitan, half dome… Mount mckinley in January. I know what I’m doing And I’m half the weight of any of you. Ma’am, please! You go up, you’ll bring the building down And kill my son, and I won’t let that happen. I need to use your climbing equipment. I’ll need some estriers Some ascenders and some bieners. Lady, I’m in charge here And I’m telling you I can’t let you go. And I need a rope gun! Heads up! Here it comes! Attach a static line. Haul it in and tie it off. Make the daisy chain a little shorter. Okay. Thanks. And hand me the estrier. You sure you’re up for this? Yeah, I’m sure. Mr. Devlin? Mr. Devlin? Mom? Hey! Nicholai! Oh… Oh, nicholai! My mother’s not there. She’s gone. What happened? Nothing. It’s okay now. How did you find me? You told me address in cab. I remember numbers. Before, in my cab I couldn’t find any place in city. But now, here I am. I find you. So there is always hope. And your mother is alive. Follow me, please, mr. Mayor. I’m sorry, mr. Mayor… But we need the bed. The young man who came in with her He’s in the hall. She was my mother. She was a tough lady. I didn’t think she was gonna die. I want to, uh… I want to thank you For everything you tried to do. What did I try to do? I couldn’t get out. I couldn’t climb out a window. I couldn’t get up the stairs. All I did was sit there and let her die. Um… I don’t even know your name. My name is clayton. Clayton. It’s nice to meet you, clayton. Where is she? Diane… It’s from my mom– “I’m okay, I’ve gone to amy’s I’ll wait for you and diane there.” She’s gone to my aunt amy’s. She’s okay. She’s all right. This is good. Nicholai, thank you. Thank you. You are so beautiful. It’s not too late to try something else. Yeah, I think it is. But remember, whatever happens This was my choice. Deploy the air bag, on the double. Yes, sir! Mom, what are you doing? Man: Let’s go, let’s go! Oh, danny! Mom, don’t cry! It’s okay, honey. These are just tears of happiness, really. Danny… Stay back where you are And here’s what we’ll do– I am going to swing over to you And then I’m going to land And I’m going to put this harness on you, okay? And we’re going to go down together. Nice and easy, all right? Are you sure you can do that, mom? Yes… Danny, I am sure. Excuse me… Excuse me… Excuse me, sir. That’s my wife up there. Mom! Oh! Heads up! God help her. Hey, guys! Let’s check out the hatch. There may be water up there. Then we’ll have to take our chances. It won’t hurt to check it out. It’ll probably only hold one of us at a time. Fine. I’ll go. Okay, evie, it’s all clear. Come on up! I’ll be right behind you. Okay. You okay? Uh-huh. Yeah. Come on up, allen. allen screams metal crashing Allen! I’ll be all right. Just… Just keep going. What happened? I don’t know. It looks like the ladder broke. The ladder broke? Yeah. pounding on floor stop it! Stop selling lies ’cause I’ve stopped buying them, joshua. Evie… He was no help anyway. Is that a reason for you to try to kill him? What?! Your wife… She was no help either, right? Wait a second. Just wait a second. You yourself said, counselor No one really knows what happened in that room. I was wrong. I know. I know exactly what happened in that room. Did choking her make you feel strong, joshua? Yes, it did. She was sucking the life out of me, evie. No matter what I did, she always wanted more. She was so weak.

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