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Abide with me I think we can take that blindfold off now. But I promised. Your mother won’t mind. She has a lot to do. Here, see? Everything will be fine. And Mama? She had to work in the barn. And she did not want you there. Do you remember? I would like to talk to you about your mother. (indistinct chatter) (heavy breathing) (thudding) (clucking) Nathan? They’ve gone and moved. (hooves approaching) (muted): Liz? Where are you? No, no, Nathan’s gone. And Abigail. Packed up, moved out. (heavy breathing) (distantly): Whoa. Where’d you get to, huh? You scared your mother. Had her worried sick. (indistinct conversation) Mama, are you evil? The Reverend said you murdered a man. He says he’s here to punish you. To take you back where he came from. (sighing) (thunder rumbling) (soft, dramatic music) (thunder) (music escalating) (gasping) (distant thunder) (wind blowing) (thunder rumbling) (grunting and groaning) (softly): Why? Because she loves you. (screaming) (neighing) (wheezing) Shoot me. Behind you. Please. Stop the pain. (light sobbing) Take them to Grandpa. (Sam): Mama? Mama? It was the Reverend. He woke me up. (crackling) (Whinnying) Yah! Yah! (dramatic chorale) (insects chirring) (footsteps crunching on gravel) (heavy breathing) (insects chirping) (bells ringing) (foreign language) (man trilling) (grunting) (foreign language) Joanna. My name is Joanna. (foreign language) (background chatter) (men arguing) (man trilling) Frank! Frank! Meng! (foreign language) (foreign language) Meng, you prosperous er, you. Look at you. And what do we have here? My name’s Joanna. Well, it is a pleasure to meet you. Come on now, spin around, let me get a look at you. There you are. Sally! Yeah. Would you be so kind as to treat Joanna here to a glass of cold lemonade? Yeah, but of course. Come, honey. Alright, Meng, let’s talk turkey. Here you go. (chatter and laughter) Lookie here! Fresh meat. Swallow it right on down, girlie. Soon you’ll be swallowing something else. What’s your name, girl? Joanna. Did your daddy bring you here? No? You sure? Didn’t he just think you were so good, he had to let the rest of the world in on it too? (laughter) (foreign language) Hey. Whoa, there now, where do you think you’re going? They’re leaving without me! Yes, they are, but don’t you worry about a thing, ’cause from now on, this is where you live, darling. Right here. Now, come on now. Let’s get you cleaned up. (muffled voices) (moaning and rhythmic thudding) (moaning) Shhh, shhh! (man groaning) Yeah, yeah! So that’s the work we do around here. And we do all the moaning and groaning because that makes sure it’s over faster. Why? Why? That’s what men like. So, uh… you ever bled yet? ‘Twixt your legs, honey. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You have, haven’t you? Yeah? Well, then, that’s gonna be our little secret for the time being. OK? Now, you go to bed. (loud chatter) (cheefing) (laughter) (exclaiming) (laughter) ” Ah! (laughing) And who are you? What’s your name, girl? Joanna. Frank, what’s it cost to go upstairs with this one? Come on now, Fred, you cannot afford her. Oh, I don’t know about that. I got pretty damn lucky at cards today. Hey, Eastman! I’m horny as hell and I feel like doing you! What would you say to a free ride, huh? That ain’t yours to decide. I’ll pay for it myself. Damn Sally, what, you been holding out on me now, huh? I’ll go along with that. But then she gets to watch. No way. Then it’s no deal. Oh, it sounds like a fine idea to me. It’ll be most educational, I’m sure. (panting) What’s wrong, don’t you like it, honeybunch? (groaning) Oh, yeah. (moaning) Hit me. What? Hit me! No, I ain’t gonna do that. Hit me, goddammit! Ah! I’m not taking this, Eastman. Hit me again. Hit me again! No, no, no, no, don’t shoot! Don’t shoot. I don’t mind it, Joanna. It’s just a game, right? Oh! You do that again and I’m going to shoot. Please put the gun down. Don’t you ever. Just keep pointing it at me. Don’t you dare drop that gun on me. Ah! That’s right. Keep pointing it at me. Don’t you dare… I’m gonna strangle the life out of her! (gasping) Shoot me! Do it, Joanna. Shoot me, goddammit! Shoot, goddammit, ! (gun clicking empty) (groaning) (laughing) (gasping) You’re gonna make a fine little whore, I can see that already. I just bet that you can make me real nice and clean too. (whimpering) (gunsnon The whole world may see our fair city of Bismuth as a place of Sodom and Gomorrah. But rules do apply here. A whore cannot be allowed to shoot down her customers with impunity. My brother runs The Inferno as a place where hardworking miners can find well-deserved recreation. That must remain so, and so it will. (rapid breathing) (sobbing) Let this be an example. (crashing) No. (man vomiting in the distance) (dishes softly clinking) Come on now, a mining town has a need for organized entertainment. And I need to know that customers here feel safe. That’s why I brought my brother Zeke to Bismuth. He’s a better sheriff than this town deserves. Everybody at The Inferno knows that if a girl so much as scratches a customer, she’s gonna be punished. So Sally knew what she had coming. But he strangled her. Yeah, I know. It hurt me too. Damn, she was one of my oldest employees. But rules are rules. If you don’t obey the rules, you’re guilty. And if you’re guilty, you’re gonna pay. You understand that, don’t you? Hmm? Tell me you understand. You know how old I was when I first went to bed with a girl? I was . Twenty-one. While Zeke, he was . I got to watch, though. I spied on him through the peephole. I never did see what all the fuss was about. You know, what everybody talked about. I couldn’t see it. You’re not a child anymore. I haven’t been for a long time. (soft music) The time has come. I’m gonna be gentle. (panting) (man groaning) (Joanna moaning) (groaning) That’s right. Oh, stud, you sure are good. Joanna! Joanna! Frank is in a gunfight! Hey, what the hell?! I’m almost done. You see that? What do you say we have her join us next time? (groaning) (giggling) (indistinct chatter) This is just between me and Frank. All I want is a fair fight. Then what are you doing here?! (laughter) Blow him to hell! Yeah! I’m not a violent man. I usually work with numbers. But now I’m standing here in front of you… to shoot you dead, Frank. My daughter is dead because of you. It’s men like you who think their actions have no consequences, who are making the country turn into what it’s turning into. So for my daughter’s sake… …for every daughter’s sake… …I have to kill you. Because I’m a father. So you can count. And you can sure as shit talk. But what we all wanna know is, can you shoot? So when do we elope? Where to? Anywhere. Wherever we can be free. But we are free here. Sort of. No, we’re not. And you know it. Face-paint me. What? Paint my face with your fingers. You, uh, you remind me of my wife. But you dress better, you smell better, you look better. Thank you. No kissing. I said, no kissing! No kissing! Goddammit! So you gonna buy me that drink, or what? Sure. Whiskey. (man screaming) I warned you, you sonofa! Nobody kisses me! Do you understand?! whore, you bit my tongue off! Frank?! Frank?! Oh, girl,

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