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Good night. No, join us for dinner. Rod’s feud looks yummy and smells good. I bought a dessert. Let’s call your son, so we can eat together so it’s happier right? Yes, it’s true. Okay Is it okay sweetheart? Of course! The more the merrier! Wait wait wait! Oh no! Turn on the TV! It might start anytime! Came on! What is it? You’ll drown in tears. Cleotilde will know she’s adopted today. It’s because of Salustiano. Salustiano is the mastermind behind her kidnapping when she was still young. Came on! It’s a very good story. Very moving. Come on! There! There was a job offer from Henry… and yet, he wants to gamble their future for what? By going to Vancouver? New tell me is that a sensible thing to do? Mia, what’s your plan now? He’ll leave you and your kids here, while he works in Canada? It’s just temporary Mom. Is he planning to get you and the kids? Yes of course, but it’s not gonna happen right away. Mia, think carefully before you sell your house. You have two kids already. That’s the decision of Rod, Dad. Even so. You mean you’ll just have to follow your husbands’s decisions? It’s my awn decision as well, Dad. We are equal. We are partners. That’s why we are a couple. Hey Migo… you’re just playing with the soap. Clean properly. Friend, favor. I’ll leave my baby buy here first okay? Wow! Nice get-up. Who are you meeting with at Malacañang? You’re overreacting. No. My friend had setup a meeting… to some Japanese people. Wow. Now, you want a Japanese? Crazy! I want to run a business. I’ll distribute feuds and snacks from Japan. Instant ramen, noodles. You know that? Great idea! Okay I’ll take care of Ethan. Leave him to me. Sure. Thank you very much friend. It’s nothing. And wish me luck! You? You can do it! You don’t need luck. Okay. Take care. Thank you. Sun, don’t be fidgety! Bye! Bye! Telephone call for you Dad. Who is it? Hello? Dude. Rod. Yes? Dude guess who I just talked to and who wants to meet with you. It’s Basty. Basty Vergara. He wants to meet with you tomorrow for lunch. Are you available? Rod, you’ll lose nothing, if you talk to your classmate.

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