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Never the two should meet, ever, .and they didn’t. And I made it that way on purpose, obviously. DIANA: What about your brother? Peter’s in trouble. BERNIE: Yes. Because he trusted you. He did what you told him to. He did. And you told him to do things that exposed him. .to this criminal liability he’s facing right now. How did you. justify that, Bernie? How did you. sleep with that? I guess the way I could sleep with it. .is that I knew that Peter didn’t know anything. .even though I had him do things. .which he didn’t realize .could’ve implicated him in this. .in this, um. .crime. (CHATTER) WOMAN: Bernie was always needling people. He would find your weak spot and he would poke at it. I mean, that was Bernie and he could be a real bastard. But not like this. I mean, not stealing people’s money. I mean, at first, I started thinking, “My God, you know, did one of the grandchildren get kidnapped?” “Was the million ransom money?” What million? The million that Ruth came in. .and withdrew from her Cohmad account .and transferred into her Wachovia account. I mean, I. what do I know? I mean, I’m always watching crime stories, you know? I fall asleep every night to “SVU.” And you’re saying on December th, Ruth Madoff withdrew $ million from her Cohmad account. .and transferred it to a personal account? Yes, but that is not unusual. I mean, think of it like having an ATM .in your, you know.your living room. Except, you know, when things are going on, .you wonder. (MOUSE CLICKS) (KEYBOARD CLACKING) GIRL: Mommy’s here! (SHOUTS) WOMAN: Don’t forget your ball. We’re gonna go to Connecticut for a few days. You know it might snow? No mention of his arrest yet. (CELL PHONE RINGING) It’s my mom. Don’t answer. You know what Flumenbaum said. .no contact. Don’t screw around, Mark. (TOY PLAYS MUSIC) Hi, Mom. Hi, Mark. (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) Honey, I’m, um.I’m with your father. .and in order to release him on bond. .they need four signatures. It’s a $ million bond. What? Ugh, I know. Can you believe? Anyway, can you get down here? Uh, I’ll text you the address. Mom, .do you understand what he’s done? No, honey, Mark, I know you’re angry, .but he’s your father. I’m not doing it. End of discussion. RUTH: Mark. (DOOR CLOSES) I’ll try Andy. What do you mean by misunderstanding? We couldn’t get your sons to sign. They wouldn’t sign? I’m sorry, Mr. Madoff. The boys wouldn’t sign the bond? I’m very sorry, sir. Who.did you talk to them or did. No. Your wife was on the phone with each of them. Their mother did and they didn’t.they wouldn’t. Um. (STAMMERING) Well, there’s no money involved in it. So did they understand that? Yes. Hmm, I don’t know. Marc, it’s Daniel Horwitz. We couldn’t get the four signatures, .but I can get you Ruth. .and, um, Peter Madoff’s. Okay, hold on. Will you submit to, um, home detention. .with electronic monitoring and surveillance, .homes in Manhattan, Montauk, and Palm Beach will be pledged, .and yours and Ruth’s passports will be surrendered. Are those terms okay with you? Um, yeah. He says yes. Great. (PHONE BUZZING) Okay.

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