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A distinguished victorian scientist, agronomist, free thinker. How formidably benevolent he seems. Essentially the face of a man incredulous of all human good. You are very cynical, my lord. What attracted my grandfather to the island, apart from the profuse source of wiry labor that it promised, was the unique combination of volcanic soil and the warm gulf stream that surrounded it. You see, his experiments had led him to believe that it was possible to induce here the successful growth of certain new strains of fruit that he had developed. So, with typical mid-victorian zeal, he set to work. The best way of accomplishing this, so it seemed to him, was to rouse the people from their apathy by giving them back their joyous old gods, and as a result of this worship, the barren island would burgeon and bring forth fruit in great abundance. What he did, of course, was to develop new cultivars of hardy fruits suited to local conditions. But, of course, to begin with, they worked for him because he fed them and clothed them, but then later when the trees starting fruiting, it became a very different matter, and the ministers fled the island, never to return. What my grandfather had started out of expediency, My father continued out of Love. He brought me up the same way to reverence the music and the drama and rituals of the old gods. To love nature and to fear it, and to rely on it and to appease it where necessary. He brought me up – He brought you up to be a pagan! A heathen, conceivably, but not, I hope, an unenlightened one. Lord Summerisle, I am interested in one thing: the law. But I must remind you, sir, that despite everything you’ve said, you are the subject of a christian country. Now, sir, if I may have your permission to exhume the body of Rowan Morrison. I was under the impression I’d already given it to you. Ah, there’s your transport. It’s been a great pleasure meeting a christian copper. A maiden did this tinker meet And to him boldly say: “Oh, sure My kettle hath much need If you will p my way. ” She took the tinker by the hand And led him to her door. Says she “My kettle I will show, And you can clout it sure. For patching and plugging is his delight I found that in Rowan Morrison’s grave. Little Rowan loved the march hares. Hmm. It’s sacrilege. Only if the ground is consecrated to the christian belief. Personally, I think it makes a very lovely transmutation. I’m sure Rowan is most happy with it. Do you not think so, Lord Summerisle? Miss, I hope you don’t think that I can be made a fool of indefinitely. Where is Rowan Morrison? Why, here she is what remains of her physically. Her soul, of course, may even now Lord Summerisle, where is Rowan Morrison? Sergeant Howie, I think that you are supposed to be the detective here. A child is reported missing on your island. At first I’m told there is no such child. I- I then I then find that there is, in fact, but that she has been killed. I subsequently discover that there is no death certificate. and now I find that there is a grave. There’s no body. Very perplexing for you.

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  1. Deborah Fairbairn says:

    Hi, a school bus. Driver, and would like to have a go. At guessing the secret sound, but unfortunately I’m on the road at that time, just wondering, if there is another way I can do it?

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