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My mom has a bracelet like that. OSS standard issue. We all have one. OSS? You work with my parents? Yes. Now, please listen closely. Open your ears. Your father was able to send one last communique this morning before he disappeared. It consisted of five letters. F-L-O-O-P. But you’re wrong. Fabulous Floop would never do that. Trust me. He’s not that fabulous. In fact, recognize these? Floop’s Fooglies. I’ve got toy versions. This is what they looked like before he mutated them. You mean these mutants are captured secret agents? We’re dealing with a genius. Told you Floop was a freak. And you know that cute, little tuneless song the characters sing? Play it backwards… We’re trapped! Floop is a madman! Help us! Save us! Floop is a madman! Help us! Save us! A cry for help. Will Floop do that to Mom and Dad? Definitely. Unless he gets something your father helped develop. If there’s anything you can possibly remember… The Third Brain lives. What? Felix gave us a message to deliver to the OSS, and here you are. Here I am. What’s the message? The Third Brain lives. Carmen, you have just joined the ranks of women spies in the OSS. Brilliant. Girls. Now, where does the Third Brain live exactly? Did Felix tell you that? I don’t think he said. He didn’t say? Are you sure? Search the place. It wasn’t at the house, so it must be here. You were at our house? No! Oh, my God. It exists. That’s what Floop wants? It is so beautiful! Carmen! She’s working for Floop! Fly this to Floop’s castle immediately. Don’t move! You don’t even know what those things are. I know they’re heavy. That equipment cost millions of dollars! That brain’s the only thing keeping Mom and Dad from being zapped! Stop her! Send in the Thumbs. Wait for me! How do you work this thing? Bring her back! Don’t you want to see your parents, you little brat? Sorry! Get back! What’s wrong with you? They’re just children. Bad hair day. Going up! What? Where did you go? I’m right behind him! Where are you? I’m toast. Give me back that brain! Get away from me! Tough guy, huh? See ya! My sister! Oh, brother! I can’t hold on much longer! Get a grip, you big baby! I’m slipping! Hang on, butterfingers! I’m not gonna make it! We’re almost there! Don’t drop me! I’m not gonna drop you! What would you do without me? It’s a cruel, cruel world All you little boys and girls And some mean, nasty people Want to have you for their supper But if you follow me You can all be free Free, you can all be free As a bird on a big TV If you dream, if you dream If you dream my dream It’s a cruel, cruel world Full of nasty boys and girls Full of selfish, mean, nasty people Nasty, nasty, nasty, nasty But there’s a way You can make your day You can laugh, you can smile You can come and stay a while You can dream my dream You can have it all with me You can dream my dream You can dream my dream You can dream my dream Cut! Lock them up! What does it need, Minion? I don’t… My show! It needs something! That thing that will take it to number one. I can feel it, but I can’t think straight enough to figure it out.

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