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Atta girl. Come on. Somebody here? Hi, Tony. Hey, Kim, baby. What the hell are you doin here? I got a message for you. I came to tell you you’re not wanted anymore. This is gonna be a pleasure, baby. (phone ringing) Hello? In the driveway? Okay, great. Right. Okay, bye bye, thanks. Oh, hi! Hi. Didn’t I tell you everything would go smooth, huh? Yeah, you were right. You were right about another thing, too. I really got off on the power of that trigger. Now when do I get paid? Right now! Come on! It’s yours, doll. Happy motoring. Lance, it’s super! You’re super, honey. Come on, let’s go out for a ride. Well, not now. You’ve got an errand to do first. [Kim] What do you mean? Half the car’s for last night. The other half’s for the next job. What job? There’s a guy down on Elm Street who runs a jewelry shop. He owes heavy, and he’s run out of warnings. You want him dead, and you want me to do it? He’s got a roving eye. Go see him. Arrange to meet him in a nice, quiet spot. You know what to do next. I still don’t see what you want from me, sis. Like I said, I’ve heard so much about your charms. You game for a little game? You kidding? That’s an offer hard to resist. Then don’t. When can we meet? You’re serious? Okay then. You know where High Point is? Yeah. Why don’t you meet me there tomorrow morning, early. I gotta go to school afterwards. Okay. Okay, see you then. Well, I’ll be damned. I thought this was some kind of a joke. Oh no, I’m serious. Dead serious. Far out, is this really yours? Yep, it’s all mine now. Did you hear what happened to Tony? Yeah, I heard. That was really weird. Well, at least they got the killer. Hey, let’s go, okay? You go on ahead, Lucy. I’ll be there in a minute. There’s something I gotta do. And so, Churchill took this great risk in order to open up Radio Open up relations with Radio With the French, and, uh Radio (bell ringing) Kim, you gotta wait a minute. What is it this time, Mr. Donaldson? This concerns you. It’s from the principal’s office. Mr. Elmhurst wants to see you first thing in the morning. What for? He hasn’t been fooled by these grades you’ve been getting. You can screw the teachers, but you can’t screw the school. Wanna bet? That deaf old bastard should have been retired years ago. [Mr. Elmhurst] Yes, come in. Miss Bentley is here to see you, Mr. Elmhurst. Oh, little overnight genius. Yes. Well, send her in. Yes, sir. Hello, Mr. Elmhurst. How are you, Miss Bentley? The best, sir. Thank you. You wanted to see me? No, I Radio Well, it’s just as well you’re here. I did want to see you anyway. Why? Why? It’s about your grades, Miss Bentley. Truly remarkable. I’d like to commend you on the tremendous improvement you’ve made in most of your classes. I say, I’d like to commend you, but obviously I can’t. I don’t understand. I’m glad you do. I said I don’t understand. Oh, well, neither did I , so I looked into the matter, and, well, Miss Bentley, all A’s in all of your classes, except Miss Damon’s English class? That did seem rather odd to me, doesn’t it to you? No, not really. [Mr. Elmhurst] I beg your pardon? I said I don’t see what’s wrong. You’ll have to speak up. And please, don’t be timid. I don’t see what’s so odd! And you needn’t shout, Miss Bentley. I’m not deaf, you know. I don’t see what power this is you have over your other teachers, but Mr. Mooney was able to shed a little light on it. I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Don’t play games with me, Miss Bentley. I know all the tricks. I have heard them all, and I’ve seen them all. And don’t delude yourself into thinking that you Radio You Radio (coughing) That means expulsion, Miss Bentley. But first I’d like to discuss the situation with your mother. When can I see her? She works in the daytime, sir. It would have to be at night. Tonight? That’ll be fine. About when would be the best time tonight? Anytime after eight. And, tell me Radio When do you eat? After eight o’ clock, okay? That’ll be fine. Tell your mother to expect me. You may go now. Hey, Kim. Yeah. You know, what you did in the parking lot was really uncool. I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. I’m talking about this. That’s what you gave Annette, for no reason at all. Oh yeah? Well, I’m giving you this, for plenty of reasons. Wow! Oh, Kim. I want to give you some things to do while I’m gone. You did remember that tonight’s my club night, didn’t you? Sure did. You look great! Is it a big occasion? The monthly dance. Who knows, maybe I’ll meet some cavalier gentleman. Jeez, listen to you. A good looking woman going to places where they have nothing but old fuddy duddies. You know, you’re right, for once in your life. The class of people we get are Radio Maybe I shouldn’t go. No, no! I mean, you might as well! You’ll probably have a good time. I want you to go. Are you sure? Okay. (doorbell ringing) Come in. Hello, Mr. Elmhurst. Miss Bentley. Oh, sorry, I just got out of the shower. I just came to see your mother. She’s gone out for groceries. She’ll be back in a minute. May I take your coat? I beg your pardon? Your coat! Oh, no, I’ll only be a short time- Please, sit down.

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