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She’s a sweet queen. I picked something floral because I think it matches me the most. It’s over! She took it. Why? Who will you choose next? Our Uncle. Congrats, Natalia Pliacam. Give her a discount when she goes shop for caskets. I’m choosing fabrics that look expensive. I’m looking for something neutral in terms of colors. Something with similar shades. I’m turning them into my own style of haute couture fashion. And I get to choose all the fabric that I had my eye on. Natalia Pliacam. Who will you choose to go next? Annee. Thank you! How interesting. I didn’t think she would go for something like that. If she’s not careful, she might end up looking homeless. Cause it’s a patchwork print. I need to make sure I do this right otherwise I’ll look cheap. These curtains might end up looking like table clothes or a rug. All done!! Annee Maywong, since you’ve finished with your selection, it’s time you choose the next queen to go next. Jaja! Okay, Jaja. You better watch out, you know. Game on, bitch. Only three, right? Did we say more? Okay. I mean, you can choose one more but you don’t necessary have to use it. If it’s a beautiful fabric, you can just use it to stop other people from having nice fabric. Oh my, someone’s giving the game away. So what I got is the floral one and also the stripes with white. And green and the black tulle. Okay, who will you choose to go next, Jaja? Morrigan. Morrigan is the next. I chosen first Morrigan to choose the curtain because Morrigan is like the weakest. So I’m just trying to be fair. Thank you, p’Jaja. I’m the last to go. She’s huffing it. There she goes. One two and three. Such bridal tone. And last but not least. Condragulations. You better watch out. Watch what? Maybe because you won the previous runway? You jealous bitches! Okay, choose your three fabrics. I first had my eye on the red graphic curtain. Then I looked around and saw that nothing goes with red. I saw blue floral, I saw yellow. So I’m like, there’s so many yellow, how come no one chose yellow? So I decided to go with yellow.

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