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Hold op! Hold up, my brothers! The English have governed India by making sure that we are fighting among themselves. Guptaji Radio Do not let the poison get in here. Whatever is going on upstairs, does not concern you. The time is :. Dinner is now running late. It is at jaggi jaggi your family are from the Punjab? Yes. I have five sisters, thirteen nieces and nine nephews in my village. Duleep Singh’s family are our neighbors. Have you also Muslim neighbors? Of course. The children play together. They celebrate Diwali with us, and we celebrate Eid with them. Sometimes people even married across. Are you married? No. I do not know if it is my destiny. My mother dreams about it. And your father? He is dead. When i was a kid. He was killed by the British at Jallianwala Bagh massacre. It is a great honor to meet you. We Indians have always marched, fought and fasted together regardless of creed or class. We have long been united by our resistance against an oppressor. And now we travel. Although it is coveted, arouses fear freedom. And with terrible consequences of violence. It infects. But to spill even more. Shall I tell you the solution? Jinnah should be asked to form the first government. In an independent India? Congress party has to accept the Muslim League’s leadership if thereby ensuring our country’s unity. They would rather give Muslims the child than to cut it up. It’s Radio It’s very bold. Would Congress party accept it? And would Jinnah? We must revive the good neighborly relations between Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs. I hope common sense will prevail. We do not need reason, but a much stronger force. A force that politicians rarely mention. Love. Exact. I hope you will share my food with me. It is gedetykmælk. They must taste it. May I have a spoon? They must taste. It is not cow’s milk. Wish me luck. Is not it delicious? Will you also taste? Try to taste my own. This requires shown habituation. Did you tell Asif, it’s too late? How could I do that? It’s the truth. My father lost everything. His wife, his vision. He is a proud man, but he can not work and is dependent on me. Within Asif came, I had forgotten how it is to see him smile. I have always been your dad smile. And you too. Aalia? Alt er i order? Ja, Frøken. Viceroy knows how to throw a party. It comes you never Radio Your Excellency. Sir. Henry F. Grady, the US ambassador. Their Excellencies. Welcome. Ambassador of one or two countries? The world is waiting anxiously. The answer perhaps lies in Mr. Jinnahs hands. It must be annoying to have to give all this. In no way. About time. Aalia. Imagine life in Pakistan. Without prejudice or conflict. Our children would be proud. We are born in India. It is our parents too. How do we travel? We come to visit. I drive my lovely wife of Mr. Jinnahs car. Why should we not be happy? We have managed through tough years and I’ve always had you with me. I am a schoolgirl on the image. And I was just a boy. But I knew. Asif Radio I’m not that girl anymore. I understand that you keep a distance. You must have felt that I let you down. But I’m here now. Will not you give me a chance? I want to prove I can take care of you. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you. You too. Your Excellency. Excuse me? You must excuse me. Just a moment. The conversation I should not leave. It’s not good news. There has been a massacre in Punjab. Rawalpindi is in flames. Muslims have burned Sikhs and Hindus houses. Brutal reprisals has spread. send the police out in large numbers. We have done that. There are , villages in Punjab. We have no men to. Then insert the army. There are few British soldiers. Indians are divided. How can we ask Sikhs shoot against Sikhs? India is a ship in flames. Father, there has come a telegram Radio Do not interrupt, Pamela! Get all the leaders together. Pammy. Pardon. Tell me what has happened. Lilibet going to marry Philip. It’s great. I have to be bridesmaid. Lovely, Pammy. It does not. You must not fail in public. Disturbances in PUNJAB PROCEEDING After fighting in India have viceroy with his wife and daughter visited Punjab. He visited battlefields and the great damage, riots had caused. Let Jinnah become prime minister. It will not work. Why not? Even with the greatest goodwill will Jinnah never go along with it. He would not even participate here. He said it was no more talk. It is a very bold idea. Yes, but is it possible? Jinnah is not stupid, Dickie. million Hindus will not be ruled by the Muslim League. But if leaders support him Radio It’s a democracy. people will vote him out. So we’re back where we started. The Muslim minority and Pakistan. Can not you see that if we oppose sharing, remain united India? In how many cities the violence reign? We’ve tried to break the deadlock. Singh og Kumar. The world goes on. Not that we want, but it does. We will get our independence. Let Jinnah get his Pakistan. In five years he will knock on the door and beg to be a part of India. The heart can not function if it is being shared. How do we agree with Jinnah, when you do not agree with Jawahar? The violence escalated for every moment.

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