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Thank you. Will you excuse me for a minute? I’ll be right back! (toilet flushing) You did tell your mother I’d be here? Relax, Mr. Elmhurst. Enjoy the view. Listen here, young lady Radio I don’t know what you’re up to, but please, whatever it is Radio You stop this nonsense right now! I don’t see any nonsense, Mr. Elmhurst. Unless, of course, you can’t do anything about it. Is that the problem, huh? My pills Radio My coat! My pills, please! Please! (coughing) Don’t I deserve an A now, sir? Goodbye, Mr. Elmhurst. Hello, hello? Oh God, he’s had a heart attack! Send an ambulance, please! Pine Street! Hurry, please! You should’ve seen that old bastard. He was shaking like a bowl of jelly. You know, I don’t know if he was more terrified of dying or disappointed because he couldn’t grab a handful. Christ, Kim. That sure sounds raunchy. Oh, come on. I did him a favor. When the doctor came, he said he’d had four previous heart attacks. Is that any way to live? I still don’t understand why. Let’s just say he was a thorn. I’m gonna graduate from that school, and I’m gonna make it at the top of my class. Terrific. Then maybe we could go somewhere, huh? Sure, why not? Where? I don’t care, just someplace. How about Tahiti? You’re kidding! No, why would I kid? Tahiti? Why not? Sounds great! When do we leave? I don’t know, how about after you graduate? Oh, Lance, I’m gonna get the most fantastic tan ever! What are you doing? It looks like I’m packing, doesn’t it? Don’t get flippant with me! I’m still looking for an explanation of what happened that afternoon with your principal. What is there to explain? The doctor already told you! He had a heart attack! Well, what was he doing here? He came to tell you about the great progress I was making in school. Where are you going? And when will you be back? I won’t be back, and where I’m going is none of your business! Now you listen to me, young lady. I’m still your mother, and I have a right to know. Do me a favor, Mother, okay? Shove it! Everything in? Yep. I hope you left me a little room in the closet. I did. Tomorrow, that dude goes on trial for wasting Tony. Mmm-hmm. Guess that’s the way it goes. Hey, the jerk had it coming. So he didn’t snuff Tony, so what? He snuffed a lot of other guys he didn’t get nailed for. You gotta look at it that way. I guess so. Hey, I know this is a fast crowd. Will that happen to me, too? I mean, will I get away with things now and they get nailed for something I didn’t do? Now you’re talking dumb. That only happens to rotten apples. It shouldn’t get to you. It doesn’t get to me. It’s just that sometimes, I Radio I don’t know who to trust. I feel all alone. Kim, forget it. I’m with you for keeps. You hungry? Who wouldn’t be after all that moving? Well then, why don’t you start fixing din-din. Din-din? I thought you were taking me out for din-din. Did I say that? You said that! And I said I’d be real good to you later if you did. Real good. Well, in that case, I’d better take you out! See, I can cook, too! Bacon and eggs? Even I can cook bacon and eggs! Well, I can cook other things! You’ll find out. Hey, I gotta go, I’ll be late for school. See you later. School. Hello, Mr. Donaldson. Awful thing about Mr. Elmhurst. I still can’t get over it. Where have you been? I’ve been moving out of my old lady’s house, Lucy, I have the greatest news! I’ll tell you about it later. To think, just a couple weeks ago, I was down in the dumps. Now all this, and Tahiti soon. First you graduate, and then you take care of a little project. Huh? You hear of Harry Ingersol? Harry Ingersol? You want me to waste Harry Ingersol? That’s right, baby, that’s right. Oh, that’s beautiful. Justice. Sugar daddy himself. Hey, what the hell has gotten into you, anyway? Nevermind, Lance, it’s a long story. Look, Harry Ingersol’s a bum. His head has gotten too big, and Chicago wants a hole in it. He deserves to have a hole in it. I don’t understand you. What’s gotten into you, anyway? The idea seemed to appeal to you last night! I told you, it’s a long story. Besides, I’m scared. He’s a big man in this town, he’s got friends! You’d even be more scared if you knew what might happen to you if you don’t come through! Now, the boys who have been supporting you aren’t nice when they’ve been crossed. Look, Harry Ingersol has . He’s got boys on a payroll, and when that payroll stops, they just fade away. Wasting him is so easy it hurts. You do it at his beach house. That’s where he meets his chicks. No one will even know it’s you he’s meeting there. It’s a simple routine thing, all it takes is a phone call. But he carries a gun, doesn’t he? I mean, he must carry a gun! [Lance] I don’t give a if he’s carrying an atom bomb! He won’t be suspicious, and he won’t have a chance to use it! There’s absolutely nothing that can go wrong! Okay. It’s a piece of cake, believe it! And after I do it, and after I graduate, we go to Tahiti. Right? Sure, we take off, and you can spend a whole month baking in the sun, and get the most fantastic tan ever. (door knocking) Come in, it’s open. Kim? Harry. Let me show you the view.

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