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All right, take my hand. Come on! Reach up! Don’t touch me! Never touch me. I got to go. I’ve got to find my mom. I got to go. They won’t let you out until morning. I go get us some water… Okay? car honking I.D. Woman: Thomas! Thomas! I haven’t see her. I’m scared. What if she’s under all that? I’ll find out what I can. You just stay here. Hold on to her, will you? My daughter… Uh, christina ahearn… Is she on that list? She’s not on my d-mort list for the deceased, sir. But there’s still some kids trapped inside. loud rumbling You can’t go in there! My daughter’s in there! screaming ): No! loud rumbling screaming Diane! Diane! Diane! Diane! Man: Don’t panic. Proceed in an orderly fashion. Please, calm down, people. garbled radio transmission coughing I want everybody up for a head count, now. When can we go back in? Have to wait for engineering’s okay. My daughter might be in there. It’s not going to do anybody any good, sir, if we all get killed. Hold on. I need your gear. Take care of them. Sir… That’s not a good idea, sir. What’s your call, captain summerlin? The structure hasn’t pancaked any more Since the main quake. But I’ve got to wait for engineering To sign off before I send anyone else in. I’m not asking anyone to go with me. Chief, you can’t go in there alone. It’s too dangerous. I’ll take you in. Everyone else, hold on till engineering gets here. Man: Yes, sir. Come on. I never did introduce myself. I’m sam thorell. George. I want to thank you, george. You’re doing a lot for a total stranger. A crisis like this makes people come together. Sort of too bad it takes that. But here we are. Man: …Surrounding waters around the city Until further notice. I would like to pay you. Don’t worry about it. Well, thanks again. coughing Oh god, please don’t be dead. Wake up. Wake up. Miss emily. All right. Yes. It is all right. Because it’s my time. No, no. It’s not your time. Noname, do you know what it is To go through life invisible? Nobody sees you. Nobody knows your name. Come… Come closer. I want to tell you something I’ve never shared with anyone before. Come. Come closer. My first child… A boy… Died three days after birth. Such a short time on this earth. And yet, I think about him Every day of my life. I wonder what he might have been Had he been able To hang on to the gift of life. I named him clayton. If… If you would carry his name It would give me… Peace. Clayton. God has a reason For everything he does, clayton. A damn miracle is what we need. We had to pick our way, inch by inch Shoring up as we go. The infrared and videocams Have helped. So have the dogs. We have a pretty good idea Of where the survivors are. beams creaking loud rumbling Okay, let’s go. We got nearly kids out of the gym And even more out of what was left of the cafeteria But these classrooms… A lot of kids didn’t make it. We got most of this equipment Through a breakaway in the wall. Some in pieces and then reassembled. More down this way. We’ve got three kids in here. Two boys and a girl. They got spunk though. They’re hanging in. Roger, james, chrissy! Chrissy? Where? They’re right in here. Behind that rubble. Christine? Daddy? Yes. Christy, where are you? I’m here. Keep talking. Christy: I’m over here. Ahearn: We’re here to help you. Please, daddy. Honey, we’re coming, baby. We’re here to help you. Honey, we’re coming. We’re coming. Just hang in there, we’re coming. dogs barking Hey, lady, stop. Wait. Ma’am. Ma’am, you’re in the wrong place. This is a hazmat zone. There’s a cyanide spill. You’re lucky you didn’t get that far. There’s a curfew. Let us escort you to a safe place… Ma’am, please, it’s for your own safety! Ma’am! A few more of these air bags And we’ll inflate ’em You should be able to shimmy through. You guys, you still with us? Christy: Yeah. Boy: We tried to leave But couldn’t find the door. What’s your name, son? Roger, sir. Roger parkinson. My leg sure hurts. We’re working on getting you out of here. We’ll get you out as fast as we can. Christine’s never mentioned your name before. Roger: I’m a jock. She doesn’t hang out with jocks, right? I always told her brains over brawn. Roger: Thanks a lot. You a football player? No, wrestling. Varsity. What kind of wrestler are you Getting pinned down in a place like this? Christy: Will you guys please shut up? Please? She’s weak. Christine? Yeah? Roger? You keeping an eye on everything in there? Roger: James isn’t moving. Speak up, son. James isn’t moving, sir. Hey, take it easy there, son. Listen, we’re going to get you out. We’ve just got to take it one step at a time. You understand? Roger, you all right? Are you all right, son? Yeah. But I don’t think she’s awake anymore. Christine? I don’t think so. We’ve got to get in there now. hissing Ready? Yeah. Let’s go. Okay. We’re coming, baby. Go. This structure’s lost even more integrity With the aftershock. To hell with it. All my people are accounted for. So I say we go in anyway. I wouldn’t recommend it. Here’s the deal. Engineering says this structure’s Ready to fall anytime.

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