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In the hills there are lots of free Negroes who are willing to use their machetes for freedom. There is a land that the Negroes call Haiti, where the Negroes are free. The Whites had to flee from the top of the ashes of their houses, And the Negroes cut the cane so that the Masters will have their head and the same machetes that cut the cane will be the same machetes that will cut the heads! The Blacks and the Whites are at war! When there is no time to sleep, to eat, to work, or to die, then the war will have started. Ogude says that they will be with us Online Radio Australia The jutia will be with us The seashells will be with us Everything will be with us Tonight when the sky turns red, we’ll head for the hills. The Freedom aspirations of the slaves never interested the bourgeois ideologues much because they relied on the mRadio Onlinees of Blacks and free mulatos and some poor Whites. In a secret questionnaire presented by Richard Madden, Don Del Monte manifests the interest of the ideologues for the Treaty. What’s the number of slaves that have entered Cuba illegally since the signing of the agreement? Close to ,. And in those figures, do you include the daily losses? We’re sure that there is at least one fifth loss of the cargo, and in the worst scenario, one half. And what is the net gain on a shipment of slaves? From $, and $,. And what is the average price of the Negroes? A male Online Radio Australia between $ to $. An Online Radio Australia female from $ A child of years from $ to $. A Creole child before birth, $. And days after birth, from $. We know that the Negroes are bought on credit and in cash Both ways, but mainly on credit, with percent interest monthly. Tell me Del Monte, how many Blacks and how many Whites inhabitants on the Island? , whites and , colored, and of those, , are slaves. What will be the consequences of the abolition of the slave trade to the sugar industry? Well, so far the slaves have been necessary. But now, with the process of mechanization, the importation of new slaves will go against progress. If the problem was in your hands, what would be your solution? First, the immediate cessation of the trade. Then gradually, to abolish slavery. As far as the intellectual Creole, how do they view the independence? All words in favor of independence have with them the cessation of slavery. Right now it would provoke the hatred of the white population. Smoke? You have to remember that even the poorest families have slaves. Does Spain have the power to suppress the traffic in the Island? Yes, it has the power. And the will? None. It is the fear of the Negro that hampers their impulses towards independence. Yes, it is that fear. This one hung himself when the dogs corralled him. And what about the one that’s missing, Mayoral? They’re being rounded up, Nińo, they’re being rounded up. That’s what you said to me last year when the two Mandingas escaped and disappeared like the earth had swallowed them. Mayoral that nigger Francisco had murmurings with this one. Listen, come here. The Submayoral said that this nigger was in cahoots with the other two, murmuring in the corners. But he has not loosened his tongue. But I am in an untenable position. Antonio. Yesterday four of these wild pigs escaped. They burned the bagRadio Onlinee house, they killed farm dogs. And you’re telling me that he won’t talk? Listen, Don Antonio what do you think we have to do? Tell me, are you going to wait quietly while the devils rebel? But Nińo, it is not for lack of care. Yeah, but you’re always careful, and something new always happens. Listen these two you will put in the stocks after they finish the work of the escaped ones, and if they want to sleep, they have to ask heaven for a day of hours. The rest is up to you. Listen well to what I’m going to tell you. That I do not want to repeat it twice. The Negro who moves from here, the Negro sets just one foot off the farm He’ll be sorry. And he’ll remember the day his mother whelped him. And all will pay the one that did it and the one that didn’t. I want him stiff, like this one. In the hills, in the fields, or under the earth. You have to flush them out, Don Antonio. And then I don’t want to hear anything about that tale that they killed themselves, hung themselves or swallowed their tongue, thinking that they’re going to wake up in Africa. Look, you cut him up in pieces. We’re going to see who flies and who doesn’t. Don’t worry, Nińo, this one will have very little desire to resuscitate. Bury him! Candelario, bury him. The rest to cut cane. To the cauldrons, to the mill, to the dryers! Get going! Step lively! I don’t want to see your feet. Cunts, move! Between and , Richard Madden, agent of the British Empire, visits various sugar mills in the Western part of the country in search of information about violations of the Treaty that obligates Spain to suppress the traffic in Blacks. His true objective to suppress the traffic in slaves, to obtain an economic equilibrium that allows the expansion of English capitalism, and once slavery is abolished, to obtain a large distribution of his machinery in the Island, and a new mRadio Online of consumers for his export products. From what I can see, this is a wellworked farm. I suppose that requires practice. Yes, lots. I know my profession well. In I became an overseer for the first time, in a sugar mill close to Matanzas. And what does your job consist of? Well, in reality I do everything. I am the chief of production, the administrator, the one who handles all the controls. And really, all the work of the sugar mill depends on me. The majority of the time the owners live in Havana, and hardly care for their property. But that doesn’t seem to the case here. No, no, not here, no. Coffee, sir. The Nińo Richard, the owner of the sugar mill, resides here. That explains the high productivity of the mill. Yeah, sure. Listen, last year we made boxes of sugar. This year with the machine we think we’ll reach . But nevertheless, there is need for more Blacks. Do the owners sell their slaves? No. They do not sell. But neither do they buy new ones.

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