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You’re a liar! Why are you lying to us? It’s the bank’s fault. There’s a problem at the bank. Easy, kid Online Radio Australia But there are so many. Yes there are many, but we need to take care of them. All of this is yours. No, this is my grandma’s. And your dad’s and your mom’s, too. Hi, Grandma. God bless you, son. Hi Mom. Hi, my darling. How was your day’? Fine, Don Alfonso. Thanks. What did you do today? I did some work. Work’? What did you do? Cleaned the plants. I’ll heat up the dinner. No, thank you. I can’t go into the house like this, it’s bad for Gerardo. Hi honey. Hi, Dad. How are you? Good, sweetheart. I’m here with your dad and Manuel. Go inside, darling. Go on. Is it like this all day’? No, well sort of, Don Alfonso. When the nearby plantations start burning Online Radio Australia Go inside, your clothes will be dirty. No, I’ll stay with you tor a bit. Don’t worry, Don Alfonso. The burning is good. Cane leaves cut like razor blades. Please, go inside, or your shirt will be all black. Go on. How was your day, Don Alfonso? Good. There’s plenty to do. This is the only farm in the world where you work and work and you get nothing. Why don’t you leave? Well, I don’t know Online Radio Australia If it was up to me Online Radio Australia My grandma doesn’t want to leave. Tell us Online Radio Australia What’s it like, where you live’? It’s far away, quite pretty Online Radio Australia but very lonely, too. And do you have family there? Yes, son. Two dogs. What are they called? Cilantro and Pluto. Cilantro? Those are very nice names. We can’t have dogs here because they die. No, sweetie. Don’t say that. That was an accident, remember. You better go to bed Online Radio Australia I’ll be in soon. Did you persuade Gerardo to call me’? Did he say that? No. I know he wouldn’t. Not after all these years. He didn’t want to. But he had to. Fellow workers! We are not going to cut one more cane if they don’t pay us. Pay us! Pay us! PRadio Online me a nail. Grandpa, how are we going to make the birds come down to eat’? You’ll see. What are you doing outside? You shouldn’t come out. Being shut inside makes me worse, Dad. What about your mom’? She won’t notice. Your grandpa also taught me how to make a feeding table for the birds. Yes, but he hasn’t told me how the birds come down to eat. No? No. He’ll tell you. Wait, you’ll see. Bring me a mandarin. Peel it for the birds. Like this? Yes, son. And now what? Call them. You know how. Dad, they don’t want to come down. Keep calling them, son. Thank you, Grandpa. Manuel. Sir? You know that you can’t say anything about this. I know. Let’s keep it between us three. Have you thought about leaving? I’m not the one to ask Online Radio Australia At least let me take Gerardo with me. I’m not stopping anyone. Yes, you are. He doesn’t want to leave you alone. And what can I do if he doesn’t want to go’? The decision is yours. Leave me alone. When did you become so bitter, Alicia’? You weren’t like this. It’s always been easy for you to blame me. I’m not blaming anyone. Let them leave. Don’t take them down with you. Morn, what are you getting me for my birthday? You’ll have to wait until tonight to find out. What do you think it is? A ball. Really, a ball’? Well you’ll need to hold tight and wait until tonight to find out. See you later, Grandma. See you later. See you later, Mom. Yes, honey. Have a nice day. Thanks. Take care! OK, Morn. Hi, Omar. Hi. How are you’? Fine, thanks. Hi, Ciro.. Good morning. How are you’? Fine, thank you. What happened’? Is the strike over? Yes it’s over, but we need to catch up and do yesterday’s work and today’s. And the money? As soon as you’re finished, you’ll get paid. Or you’ll need to wait until tomorrow. OK, thank you. You’re welcome. How much for the kite? , pesos. I only have ,. Ready, son? Yes, let it go. Son, you have to run. Go on, run. The wind is coming from there, so you have to run in that direction. Ready? Yes. Let it go. Run! I’ve got something for the boy. Gerardo, I’ve made my decision Online Radio Australia I want to know if you are coming with us Online Radio Australia or if you want to stay here forever’? I can’t do that to my mom. Stop using your mother as an excuse. Stop hiding behind others. If you want to stay, then stay here. That’s your problem. I’m not going to cry over you here. It’s not that easy. Then say it out loud. I can’t. Say it. No. , , and , ofito work! , , and , off to work! What about us? You’re not working anymore. Why not? You are not performing. My boss told me not to take you. Wait here and I’ll pay you. Stop! Hi, Grandpa. Where are you going’? Let’s go, hop on. , , , , . I’m paying you for the week minus yesterday, since you didn’t finish. You know I didn’t want to fire you but I have no choice. It’s not up to me, it’s up to my boss. When your son feels better, you can send him to me. Keep this. So you can leave with Gerardo and the kid. I’m sorry, Dona Alicia, but it’s not that easy. This won’t fix anything. You are the problem! Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. You can put your shirt back on. Apparently, the medicine we prescribed last time is not working. I’m giving you new ones and we’ll see how they work. We don’t want more medicine, doctor. Sir, listen to me. This medicine will give him relief. They’re different. Look at him! He’s going to die! Listen to me, I can’t do anything more for him Online Radio Australia No sir, we don’t want your medicine! Take the prescription. It’s the only thing Online Radio Australia I want you to take him in! No, sir. It’s not possible. If I take him home, he’ll die there! We don’t have enough beds. So you want me to take him home so he can die there? How dare you take him off with you! Leave him alone Gerardo Online Radio Australia look at me, son. It’s time for you to leave. Leave me alone, Mom. Listen to me, son. It’s for your health. You’ve done enough for me already. You have a son. Think about him. What about you? Are you coming with us’? You know I can’t. I’m old. This is no place for a child. Get some rest. I’m sorry, Mom. I’ve nothing to forgive you, son. Your wife is brave Online Radio Australia and headstrong, because she saved your land.

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