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“shesh, shash”? Hmm. Well, I haven’t retired yet, Professor, nor have I named my successor. It’s still a choice between you and Professor Jones. Then you haven’t decided yet? Not yet. Then you’ll take this “shesh, shash”matter under consideration? Oh, I will, I will. Thank you, Professor. Good morning. Good morning, Dean. Good morning. Shesh, shash. Uncle Jonathan? Yes. How was your day? Oh, fine. What’s for dinner? Filet of eggplant? Filet of eggplant. Medium rare? Of course. Ah! Mmm. Oh, pass the monosodium glutamate, please. Thank you. Say, you know, dear, he really shouldn’t have sent this to you. That’s rightfully the property of . Why, it’s Astyparaean! Asty what? Hey, that’s mine. Yes, yes, I know. But if you don’t . It’s from Eddie. It’s like a fraternity pin or an engagement ring. But you don’t understand, darling. That inscription is in the ancient Astyparaean language. Am I supposed to know what that is? It’s a language that’s been dead for over , years. Why, there are only men in the world who can identify it, much less translate it. And I can. But . Now, look, dear, maybe this inscription is an ancient love poem. Something Eddie would want you to hear, hmm? Well . Ah, yes, of course. “First graspeth thou the sacred disk in thy left hand. “Now cometh the letting of, letting of .” Letting of . Blood, of course. “Letting of blood. “And the drinking. Drinking of blood.” “Now remaineth only the pronouncing “of the sacred . “Sacred name of the great god, Zotz!” No! Please! Please! Let me in! Please! You can’t leave me out in this storm. Not like this. Put this on quickly! Oh. Thanks. You’re welcome. Now, please go. Like this? Well, you can’t stay here. But I have to. It’s the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m not going to embarrass you by asking you how you got into this condition. After all, I’m a man of the world. I was struck by lightning. You were what? Well, I was hurrying along, trying to beat out this sudden storm, when . Well, I think I was struck by lightning. Mmm. I have heard of cases where people were struck by lightning and had their clothes torn off without hurting them. Usually these people were branded by the mark of the bolt. I seem to be all right. Oh, I’m glad to hear it. But you can’t stay here. I mean, I’m a bachelor. I don’t have a wife. I’m not married. Well, what can I do? Do? What can you do? I don’t . My niece! I’ll wake her up. Uh, no. She might think . I mean, not that she’d have any real . I mean . I’ll go upstairs and get some of her clothes. They’ll probably fit. I think you’re about the same size. Anyway, you wait right here. Oh, I will. I will. Uncle Jonathan? Oh, it’s all right, dear. Go back to sleep. Well, what . Nothing. Just let it go. There. Now, please go! Well, can I put them on first? Oh, oh, yes, of course. I’ll, uh, turn my back. Oh, thanks. You haven’t asked me my name. No, I haven’t. Uh, I thought it was better that way. I agree. Do they, uh, fit? Most of them. The shoes are a little big, and the . Something else is a little small, but I’ll get by. What? Oh, yes.

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