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Now that you all have your materials and they’re rather limited, but do not limit your creativity. This week’s theme is hashtag CurtainToCouture. It’s evening gown and not a funeral gown. If you’re all ready. Start your engines. I have to hate you! You chose her first! I hate you! Because you didn’t choose me, you’re nasty. Let’s get real here, Jaja is my friend. There was Jaja, Morrigan and me. Jaja got to go first so I was thinking she’d choose me next cause we’re friends. But she didn’t. She’s playing the game. But you won a challenge already! But I don’t have to lose this one! You guys are so cruel, all t. No. We’re just taking down the winner from the previous runway a notch. She won the last one. She got to choose so many things first already too. It’s not unfair that you go last sometimes too. Annee Maywong. cunt. B Ella. Yeah? I have to say, Jaja makes a lot of ruckus in the workroom. She gets on my nerves. If you’d like to be quiet, go and see you at the library. Not in this workroom. Sorry, girls. Because of my figure, and I’d rather not say fat. I’m afull figured queen. So I’m thinking that I need to create a triangular shape from my waist up. Then another triangle pointing down from the waist down. To give myself an appearance of an hourglass shape. And it matches my personal style. There’s something interesting that’s included with the fabric. It’s these holes. So I could do like. Gather them at the top. So you’d know that they were made from curtains. Who’s my strongest competitor? I have to say it’s the person next to my station, Uncle Natalia. I’m right next to her, I can see her process and how she works. She is much more detailed than I am in very single step. So I think she’s the scariest competitor. Annee Maywong. I want to sew everything by hand. So it’s truly couture. I chose all graphic prints. But there are different colors. I’ll be using this to create a line cause it’s a shiny fabric. So it’ll stand out because the rest are matte. I’m using some of these in between. Whose gown will look

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