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Just go! Protect the witness first. Okay. Flash bomb. You, follow me. We’ve got to get to the car! Johnny, hang in there. I’m okay. Susan, are you okay? Okay for now. Let’s go! No! Don’t do that! Don’t do that! Come on! No! Doctor! The doctor… has been shot. Requesting backup. Repeat.“… the doctor has been shot. Requesting backup. Give it to me. No, no… You’re the devil. You would have never succeeded without me. Where are the lab records? They’re mine! Goodbye! Papa, Papa. Hello? Although Rick Rogers’s latest novel has not yet been published, the copyrights for the movie are already being sought after by Hollywood. Bids for such rights have been coming in at shocking sums. I’ve had a sneak peek at this book,. She is a mission herself. Her blood contains all of the memories. One day, she will find her memories back again. Wow! We are very privileged to welcome to the show to talk about his new book, Bleeding Steel, Rick Rogers! Oh, Rick! How are you? -!’m very well. Welcome to the show, thank you. Have a seat. So we heard the main character was a US Marine before he died of nuclear radiation,. But then, some geneticist bought his body and turned him into a bioroid with a mechanical heart. Well, can’t keep a secret from you, can I? There are no secrets in this world. Maybe that’s so. But many unknown secrets are hidden in my novel. So go buy the book,. It’s the perfect synergy of the human body and machine. Check it out. Stop, security check. Turn around. Is my kitty here yet? She’s on her way, boss. Next time, it’s my turn. Sure. Come here, kitty. Come to Papa. Excuse me, where are you going? Shit. Who are you’? Shut up! Where did you get the information in your book? What? Where did you get the information? It was my inspiration. Who are you? What do you want? This is your last chance. ! Who are you? How did you get the story of Bleeding Steel? Please don’t kill me. I bought it. Where’s the original copy? Everything you need is in there. I just stole a story. You shit. Surveillance videos have been uploaded. A team of policemen are on their way to you. Who is that? Is that Batman? Popular novelist Rick Rogers has been murdered in what police describe as a robbery gone wrong. We believe the perpetrators of this crime disabled the CCTV cameras in this building, However, we have obtained additional footage from CCTV cameras in the building on the corner. We urge members of the public who recognize this man to step forward. We have reason to believe he may have been involved in the events that took place tonight. We were attacked by a masked man at Rick’s apartment. I’m sorry. He knew a great deal about our bulletproof vests. Where did you get the information in your book? How did you get the story of Bleeding Steel? Please don’t kill me. I bought it. Where’s the original copy? Thirteen years you’ve had me trapped in this sterile cage like an animal. You’re gonna suffer everything I’ve suffered. Sir, we found out about the transvestite. He bought that costume online. We have his shipping address. Go. Do not fail me again. Yes, sir.

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