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Ax- is virtually indistinguishable from a human. So much so that he believes himself to be one A most powerful weapon. He will join her and they will lead us to Aurora. Get down! Hey, wait! That was my last explosive. What? You’ll head west and I’ll head north. Last I saw, they were southeast. Good luck. West? Why did you attack them? So she would trust him. If she trusts him, she will take him with her. Why are you following me? Whoa. I told you where I saw them last Not to mention saving your life. I don’t have time for any more favors. Now why were you following me? I don’t know. What was the last place you hit? Were you with anyone? How did you get here? I walked. Where are they? Where are they posted? What’s the deal? Are they late or something? There isn’t anybody else! You’ll play dumb, get me to help you out And then your stick-up crew comes out and robs me blind Or worse. What? I i stay down! Where did you get that? I I found it. You mean, you stole it. No, no! I mean, it was given to me. Well, I’ve got nothing to give to you. Hey, wait! Look, I have nowhere to go. No one does. Fine, you can tag along for a few days But only if you can keep up and help out. Andrew. Calia. I’m giving you a chance here, but don’t try anything stupid. You got any weapons? No. Good. I do, so keep that in mind. Just don’t do anything stupid. Calia to kronos, we were a disease That could not be allowed to spread. It would stop at nothing to eradicate us From all corners of the universe. Using any means possible. You look like you haven’t eaten in a few days. Oh, thanks, but I’m fine. I know they can get you down, but I don’t think We’ll be running into any more of their cities up north. Where is everybody? They’re all gone. How many do you think are left? Here? Not too many. I bet there’s a ton in Aurora. Aurora. Yeah. I’m a believer, too. It’s nice to think that there’s still hope. In the city up north, where the people are safe And the machines can’t go. See? That’s where I’m going. What about you? Me, too. All right then if you’re gonna travel with me Then you better eat up. I move quickly and I don’t slow down for anything. Oh, i I won’t slow you down. At least try and get some sleep, tomorrow is gonna be a long day. Hey, hey, wake up. You gotta see this. Have you seen them before? Not like this. They’re like a sign letting us know that Aurora is real And that we’re on the right path. It’s beautiful. I know. We’ve destroyed nearly all their strongholds. Not all. Not Aurora. Are you certain Aurora is such a threat? No human we’ve interrogated Even believes it to be more than a legend. I miss you. Hey. Hey. We better get going. Wait. Andrew? What are you doing? I was just trying to I like trains. Okay. Too bad they’ve been gone for years, huh? Hey, wait! What did you say? Come on, what is the matter with you? Let’s go. Why did we stop? There’s gotta be a bridge somewhere. We could probably just cross here. I mean, it doesn’t look so bad. No, we can find a way. What is that? That’s what happens when there’s no one left to bury the bodies.

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