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the person who gets to choose first is the winner of the previous runway. Amadiva. Amadiva went for it, she grabbed everything. She took all the chicken feathers! It’s not like that! I chose the feathers because my puppet is a chicken. Perhaps she’s getting ready to fly away this week? Are you ready? If you’re ready then Go! *T: Basically Brad Pit’s World War Z. Have you ever heard of Sart Thai Festival? It’s so scary! It’s like world war! *T: Basically Brad Pit’s World War Z. They nearly knocked the table over! *T: Basically Brad Pit’s World War Z. I knew that everyone would rush to the table first. So I wanted until I find a hole and I just slip myself in. B Ella! You’re the size of a buffalo and you stepped on my foot! I was the reason that table bounced against the wall. I charged in and I stuck my arms around those skinny bitches. I was feeling things with my hands instead of looking. I was like, “Okay, that’s a feather, I’ll take that.” “Is that a hat? Okay, I’ll take it too.” What happened to our girls? Those were all men. It was like a bunch of catfish chasing after a piece of bread that was thrown into the pond. Young ladies, whatever happened to your manners?! I had no idea what I wanted to do when I started working on my puppet. But I wanted to turn my lion into a princess. I chose a pig. I designed the puppet after myself. She’s a rich pig. She’s wearing pearls and a tiara. She has a royal cloak on her too. Don’t be so confident. You ready? Yeah, are you? You sure you’re ready? I am so excited! Okay, let’s begin with the first comedian. Once upon a lime. Huh? Time. “Once upon a lime.” It’s already funny. Continue. There was an orphan elephant living in a jungle. Her mother died at the hands of a human who was hunting for ivory. And her mother and told her that she must go and find that human, and avenge her death. So she enters the city and sees a handsome man with a very hot body. Suddenly her trunk stiffens up! Her trunk is pointing up and the man gives her his banana. She chews— That’s a sugar cane.

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