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I drew her up in the net, Father. She look pretty real to me. Circus. Syracuse. Sorry. Syracuse. So, What a bout her? You have sinned with her? I, Suppose. Of course. And I, Don’t suppose, You want the absolution. No. -No? So, Why are you here, Syracuse? You know the story about the king? Who had a secret. It drove him mad, So… He told it to the tree. Okay, Son, Pretend I’m a tree… She brings me luck, And, I don’t know why.. I’m afraid, Father.. Cause.. I’m beginning to hope.. We should never lose hope, Syracuse. She was drown father, Mine net brought her back to life. It doesn’t make sense. I know. None of them make sense, That’s why, I’m afraid. I know somethings going to happened, Something wonderful. Or terrible.. She is the kind a girl she is. She is the kind a person she is. And that is my secret. So, What kind a tree are you father? I don’t know, I suppose an, Oak. You look more like, One of the Ones they make the hurley sticks out of.. An, Ash then. As long as you are a tree. Hey, you Syracuse?

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