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that’s fine, Judge. Wasn’t it your idea? Yes, Lover? Oh, I beg your pardon. Wasn’t it your idea? Isn’t it your idea to save Michael from the gas chamber? Arthur Bannister’s the only one who can do it. What do you think? Hello, Galloway! Hi, Bannister, how’s tricks? You know our district attorney, dear. How do you do? Hello, Mrs. Bannister. I was the murdered man’s partner. The other victim was my servant. If I defend Michael, any jury will figure I have reason to believe he’s innocent. And you have reason to believe that Michael is innocent? I hear that Galloway is going to say that Michael took George’s corpse Radio into the city in our speedboat. We can prove he didn’t. George couldn’t have taken it. Why not? How could it get back? Back where? To the yacht, naturally. The speedboat couldn’t have driven itself. Or maybe it was George’s ghost. Maybe the boat just drifted back. No, Lover. Michael has got to plead excusable homicide. But you can prove he didn’t do it with his gun. They know it wasn’t Michael’s gun that killed George. The gun that did kill George can’t be found, Lover, so we can’t prove Radio that Michael didn’t shoot him. And it was Michael’s gun that killed Broome. Now Radio Michael is going to need everything that the greatest Radio living trial lawyer can do for him. Our good district attorney over there has worked up a beautiful case. The truck driver, the fat saloon keeper down at the docks Radio they’ll be effective witnesses. He’ll know how to handle them. And then there’s this crazy confession. But Michael has an explanation. Explanation? You think it’s funny? Funny? You mean that story about how George hired Michael to kill George? To pretend to kill him. Really? Why would George want to disappear? Michael said something about partnership insurance. What? Partnership insurance. Which George wanted to collect? Yes. George wanted everybody to think he was dead? Yes! Dead, so that he could collect the insurance? Yes. Well, if he was dead, how could he collect? Now, Lover Radio if your Irishman doesn’t want to go to the gas chamber Radio he’s going to have to trust me. But you, do you trust him? I wouldn’t trust him with my wife. You want to make sure he doesn’t get off, don’t you? I’ve never lost a case, remember? Besides Radio my wife might think he was a martyr. I’ve got to defend him. I haven’t any choice. And neither have you. Hello. It looks bad for me. Isn’t that what your husband says? Whatever else he is, Arthur’s a marvellous lawyer. You’ve got to trust him, Michael. Why should I trust him? Because it’s your only chance. Because I want you to. That’ll have to do for a reason. Why did you kill Broome? What? Don’t be afraid to tell me. I just want to know. It was Grisby who killed Broome. He was going to murder your husband. George kill Arthur? What could he possibly gain from it? He couldn’t get a divorce. What? He wanted people to think he was dead so he could get away from his wife. Wife? But that’s impossible. Why? George didn’t have a wife. He wasn’t married. And because of that, you can be fairly certain of the month. Mrs. Bannister, I saved a seat for you. Would you gentlemen please move over? Thank you. Sit down! I just want to look at her. I object! The question calls for the operation of the officer’s mind. Sustained. Very well. In the interest of saving time, we’ll proceed Radio as I’m sure Officer Peters is most anxious to go home Radio to his wife and family before returning to duty. Now then, Officer Peters, except for the blood, the clothes were dry. Yes, sir. They were dry. The defendant stated in his confession he threw the body into the bay. Your Honour, the district attorney isn’t cross-examining. He’s making speeches. That isn’t so! I move for the declaration of mistrial Radio on the grounds that the jury is being prejudiced. These are some of the great Bannister’s trial tactics, in appeal for sympathy. The district attorney is beginning to get vicious. When you two gentlemen get over your argument, tell me who won. Then I’ll decide on the objection. Objection sustained. Your witness, Mr. Bannister. No questions, except, yes Radio Officer Peters, I don’t wish to keep you from your wife and children Radio any more than the district attorney, who was so concerned about them Radio but I would like to ask you one question: Officer Peters, have you a wife and children? Well Radio no. Thank you. You may step down. Call your next witness. I call Radio Arthur Bannister. It’s certainly unusual, Your Honour, to put a defence attorney Radio on the witness stand. But I’m confident that my client will make no objection. Galloway can’t make Bannister testify against his own client, right? This trial keeps getting screwier all the time! Your Honour, I wouldn’t take this step Radio if there were more effective means of establishing the evidence I’ll bring forward. With my client’s express permission Radio Mr. Bannister will take the stand. I’ve never seen anything like that before. I thought he was smart. They don’t come smarter. Maybe he’s the bad guy? Maybe he’s wrong? Maybe he killed him?

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