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They got enough problems over there. I have a wife and child there. I don’t envy you that. Look, if you don’t own a boat Maybe you know somebody who does. Probably got coast guard patrolling all over. I’ll pay whatever it takes, okay? When’s this trip supposed to happen? Now. Ain’t gonna get anywhere just sitting there. Go… Go… Go… That’s good! This way, sir. Sorry, ma’am– step to the shelter, please. Man: Once inside, please proceed to a registration table. If you have not already done so Please register at a registration table. Officer: Relax a second, okay? Officer… My son, he’s nine And I don’t know where he is. Yes, ma’am; it’s easy to lose somebody In a place this big. No, he’s not here– he wasn’t even With me during the quake. Where was he when you last saw him? He was at his school. And I think maybe he’s still there. Now, I know that there’s a curfew. Sorry, ma’am; can’t go on the street Till : tomorrow morning. You can’t bring that dog in here! No, he’s a little boy. If I don’t find him… I don’t know… See that table over there? They’ve got a list of kids looking for their folks. Now, with a little luck Maybe he’s already on it. Man: Transport, pick up at -, please. What about you? Russian blood is very thick. Karvoskya, what’s in the box? Uh… You don’t have to tell me. No, no, I show you. This is my family. My mother… Father… Two brothers. Oh, you look just like your brothers. Like twins, only three. Where are they all now? My… Parents’ Wedding rings. My brothers’. One each. Little brother’s flight jacket. quietly ): What happened? In russia… There were many crises. Like this, only different. I’m sorry… I feel… I didn’t know. It is the past. I miss my dad. I miss my mom. Everything I know could be gone. We will find her. Help her in her grief. I grew up two blocks from the guggenheim. My mother and I would visit once a month or so And then I got older and we quit going. I got too busy. What a shame. Do not think about these things. You count on your life going a certain way, you know? And then all of a sudden it isn’t like that at all. Of all the things I could’ve imagined for my life I never would have dreamt of this. Maybe there is some good in having nothing. I got nothing to give but what I have inside And I have never had to say, “what a shame.” Go to sleep. muffled conversation Man over p.A.: …Please remove your vehicles from area six after you… Well, it’s not exactly tavern on the green. Nothing a bottle of good red couldn’t help, huh? Okay, what have we got? Well, um, we’re barely keeping up with what’s needed, sir. The problem of rodents spreading disease– It’s bound to increase The longer we’re without sanitation. Not to mention bodies Decomposing in places that we can’t get into. Ahearn: Some of the fires are still out of control. We’re rerouting to build up pressure in the affected areas But I think we’re going to gain from now on. Man: Priority message from fema, ms. Perez. I’ll be right back. This is patched in from the state department. He insists on talking to you. Mayor lincoln. Listen to me. I’ve got thousands of new york citizens Trapped under what were once their homes and offices Not to mention thousands of kids Under the wreckage of their schools! The u.N… Yes, the ambassador… Yes, I understand. Priorities? Priorities are mine To call, sir. And that I will continue to do Until they haul me out of here feet first! Man! Everyone thinks their crapola Is most important. I don’t know. Maybe it’s unavoidable. You know, we all get caught up in our roles. Renegade fire chief versus big city boss mayor. I called you things And I never even knew who you were. I believe you called me An opportunistic con artist. I regret that now. I called you a moron. Said you didn’t know The difference between fire and smoke– Among other things that didn’t get printed. That statement reflected more on me than on you. The job does get in the way sometimes. My wife’s been dead over a decade. But I can still see her face in my daughter’s. If anyone’s kept me human, it’s been her. You were right about me, ahearn. I’m a politician. By nature an opportunistic con artist. But it was my family who raised the bar. Set the standards for me to live by. I may be left with very little when this is all over. But I thank them that I can sleep at night. You and me, we fought Over money… Pride. Damn, I wish we could have done better. We will. Man: Chief ahearn! Search and rescue teams at grant high. They’ve found some survivors. Well, what are you waiting for? It’s freezing. Well, at least the water’s stopped rising. We’ll be out of here soon. Come on, nora, let’s keep moving. I can’t go on. I have to sit down. Help him. He has a heart condition. All right. You got her? He hasn’t been feeling so well lately. It’ll be okay. I’ve been trying to get him to see the doctor. Hey, buddy, how you doing? Come on. Just a little farther. All right, buddy? Here we go. All right. Here you go. Thanks, man. Okay, here. I got you. Nora: Thank you. Bert, hold on to me.

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