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There are two things that happen while I interrogate One, you either confess to the crime irrespective of who has done it. Or, you will die before you agree to it. I swear I don’t know anything about this, sir! College life and the classroom, Will be your paradise. They made us believe this. Then, they pushed us down the drain. VTU We really love you, Don’t turn us into jilted lovers. Campus stories are blossoming, and smiles are introducing us to love. Memories of college are beautiful Semesters have started, and it’s driving us crazy. Seniors are a little intimidating and it’s all happening too fast. USN, is our name now, while attendance proxy is a habit. Hey! You ! Stand Up. Do you guys watch porn? I’m sure he watches them a lot, just look at all the acne on his face. You will have to enact your favorite scene from a porn movie. Get your hands off me! Sir, I won’t do it. Why won’t you do it? You have to do it. If you can’t do it . Then you will have to book movie tickets for us tomorrow. He’s come here on a scholarship, I don’t think he will have money. I’m not forcing him. He can either act today, Or take us for a movie tomorrow. Okay!? Okay sir. Give me your laptop! Dude, he has booked the tickets. Morning Sir! Alok! Whole college has been talking about you. Did you hack the ticketing website and book movie tickets for seniors? Sir, I didn’t have money to buy tickets sir. What does your dad do? My parents are no more. I was raised in an orphanage Oh! .I’m Sorry! College is the only place where your mistakes are forgiven It’s a different world outside. You won’t get a lot of chances. If you’re looking at taking up a lucrative job offer, think again! Engineers in this city are already packed like sardines. Channelize your intelligence, Indian IT market is booming And, Bengaluru is the start up capital of India. But starting a start up is not easy. An idea that hasn’t been executed has to come to you And that will make you win. I’ll think about it sir. Okay .All the best! This is the guy who booked tickets for seniors, If I dated him, I would have watched a new movie everyday. Listen to what I say carefully, To survive in Bengaluru you need things. Dressing sense, intelligence, and money. You are intelligent, and dressing sense would have been better, if you had money. Can we go do shopping together? Yes! CS, IS, EC . It’s time to send those friend requests to girls. Hello! Hi’s! How Are You’s As we slowly introduce ourselves. We have started liking, along with Whatsapp chatting, The Night’s without sleep, continues in classrooms C has become plus while fun is on minus M & M are an eternal knot How do we escape this Syllabus Noise, Classroom silence, and boys chaos? Bookworms of the first bench, The pranksters of the last bench, both are tensed. Mass bunk, Cinema, Long Drive and Attendance shortage, Amidst this even our friends get engaged. The projects still haunt us, and all we want is and plus. Java is killing our lives. Oh Java! Why don’t you die too? Companies want campuses now, while we want GPA’s to be shown, We are Engineers We are India’s Future.

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