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you really gone and done it now. I warned him six times! Well, the fella you warned is kind of important up at the gold mine. Now, I got me a whole saloon full of drunken idiots all howling for retribution! Tell ’em to go themselves. Give them a drink on the house or something. You think I’m gonna waste my hard-earned money because you girls refuse to obey the rules?! Get the up! Come on! Get out there! you! (all screaming) Now where’s Mike?! I demand retribution! You’re gonna get it, Mike! You see, the rules in Bismuth are clear, and all customers will get the respect they got coming! Hang the stupid whore! (men cheering) No, no, Elizabeth here, she’s not gonna hang. (booing) Gotta hang her, Frank! Mike ain’t dead neither, is he? But he was a victim of her lawlessness, so he gets to make a proposal. Now what’s it gonna be, Mike? Huh? You want this free pussy for a week? Is that it? (cheefing) You cut that ‘s tongue off! (screaming) You want a trade, Mike, huh? You want an eye for an eye? Is that what you want? (indistinct shouting) (drawn-out scream) Rinse it five times a day with alcohol and it should heal up sooner than you’d think. No solid foods. No blow jobs. Will she ever be able to talk again? Not much chance of that. Here you go. Good bye. ‘ZZZ .”dance“. …on Tuesday? I… only drink… …on Tuesdays. (laughing) I only drink on Tuesdays. ‘ZZZ …kill… …Frank? That’s suicide. But they’ll come after you. Besides, what’re you gonna do? Work in some other cathouse? Please don’t do it. I couldn’t stand to miss you. (sighing) (man): God sees each and every one of you. Don’t think just because this is a lawless, godless place that your actions will go without consequences. Ladies, do you want to end up in Hell? The nice clothing doesn’t fool anybody. I know who you are, and I know what you are. What would your fathers think if they knew? Your mothers weep. Your fathers pluck out their eyes in shame! I’ve managed to find someone who doesn’t mind marrying a woman without a tongue, but it will take some travelling. He’s been a widower since the last six months. He’s looking for a wife who can cook and who doesn’t mind that he already has a son. No, I figured as much. “We will welcome you with open arms and make sure you feel right at home as quickly as possible. Respectfully yours,” and so on and so forth. And there’s a picture. You’re gonna have a real family. How am I gonna do that? We’re sisters? Frank would kill us. No, you never know. And when you’ve convinced your new husband, you can pay for the stagecoach from down there. How long you think you’ll need? You two gotta come right away. Some fella just paid a whole pile of cash to buy out The Inferno. Get your asses moving. Your last night and you got to work too. Alright now, listen up! (indistinct chatter) Usually we don’t earn jack-shit at the end of the month. Jackie, shut the up right now, or I’m gonna make you. 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Jackie likes you, I can tell. We’ve got anything you want here. All your heart’s desire. Right here in The Inferno. Oh, this one here, well, she got a fire in her. I had to cut out her tongue just to keep her in line. Good thing she can’t talk back. Oh, you have fine taste, sir. This one right here, well, she is a mystery to me. I bought her from a band of travelling gypsies. You know, colourful types. Uh-huh. Damn, I don’t even know her real name. (nervous breathing) She’s the one. Well, that’s an excellent choice, sir. May I suggest a couple of other gi– Only her. But you paid for the whole Inferno. I paid not to be seen doing this. This evening has cost me a lot of money. Is there something wrong with your voice? Can’t you talk? Yes, I can. Would you like me to dance for you? I had to wait a long time to find you. I am very disappointed. I had considered many things, but not this. Is this what you wanted? What you looked for? I am prepared to forgive all your sins. 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(soft, dramatic music) Are you sure you’re up to making this trip? Well, good luck. Don’t let anyone see that for a while. It’s still pretty fresh. (dramatic music) (music swelling) (music swelling) (music dramatically ending) (flies buzzing) (grunting) (groaning) (insects chirring) (man groaning and panting) (groaning) (clanging) (grunting) (breathing deeply) (sniffling) (groaning) (groaning) (Crying out) mucking) (gunshot) (thunder crashing) (soft moaning) (moaning in pain) (footsteps approaching) And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen. (thunder crashing) (door creaking) Ahem. Tonight. Joanna is still speaking Dutch. I hold you responsible for that. I’ll pray for the Lord’s assistance. As a wife, you have your duties. “The wife does not have authority over her own body, but yields it to her husband.” Please come with me. Not tonight. (Reverend sighing) You leave me no choice. (thunder) (door closing) (bells ringing) We know why we came here. This is God’s nation. The Lord shed his grace on this beautiful new country. This was our Exodus. In this city on a hill, we will develop a purer form of Christianity. Hadn’t we all agreed to leave the old language behind?

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