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Had to go for a while.. That’s why you cry ? It’s not, I swear. Did her husband come? It must have. Cause she’s gone, On sea business. She will be back you know. Do you think. I know, She left something here. What? What time is it ? Half one. Why didn’t you wake me? Cause you where sleeping like a baby. I thought you where the baby, It doesn’t look like it. You want breakfast ? Lunch. There you are baby. Annie, That song. What song ? Just a minute ago. It’s real. Off course it’s real, Sigur Rós. Annie, I have to go out for a bit. I’ll take you to your moms. No. I can’t leave you on your own. Yes you can, I feel much better. Are you sure? You have got some unfinished sea business? I suppose. Go on then. I’m kind a busy here any way. There were seals down there. Basking on the rock. My kind, Huh? I didn’t say that, No, But you thought it. And the storm came up. They slipped in to the water one by one. -..I was going to joined them… What changed your mind? What changed yours? She was switching channel’s on the T.V.

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