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How beautiful. So shining! Is this heaven? You’re not in heaven. You tried to commit suicide. You’ll not got there. I thought so, you look like my neighbor, you’re not an angel. Just relax. My husband fetched your worried son because of your foolishness. Well, I know it’s given that you’re crazy… but let me ask you, why did you try to commit suicide? And to (up it all, you changed your mind? Daddy deceived me. It’s only now that you know that? All those men that I loved, tricked me. And so? You want to die for that? For a SUV? Are there any more reasons? Your son. Did you think of him? What if you died? His father left him, and now, you’ll leave him also? You’re not thinking! I’m so . Yes. You confirm so fast. You’re also foolish. And why is that so? Because you cannot see how lucky you are. You have a husband like Rod who loves you and your kids. You can’t see what he can endure for you. What he can sacrifice for you to be happy. Do you see that? Of course, I can see. What do you think of me? Insensitive? Did you know? He’s been crying whenever he sees you tired from work… and he can’t do anything to help you. You know that? Now, who is more foolish? Me being hopeful? Or you having everything in front of you, yet you cannot see and appreciate? What? Why are you silent now? Stop it. I understand you. Stop acting. I already saw that in a IV series. I know that dialogue. Great line right? What did you tell to Daddy? We had a confrontation scene. I forced him to admit that he’s got many mistresses. Include his wife who is bigger than a whale that is walking the earth. Then? Then? That’s it! Final! The End. Hey but I never cried. Why should I? He’s not handsome. I’m just enduring his stench. Here’s a more interesting question, how will you move on now? Let’s see. I still have savings. Maybe I’ll run a business. Or maybe follow you in Canada. Oh no Aida, please I beg you, don’t. Who knows I may be able to see my perfect Daddy there. Hi, Aida you’re here. I just dropped by. Had a short talk. I’m about to go home. Okay.

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