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Who are you? Jim Preston. Aurora Lane. Anybody else awake? Just me and him. How far along are we? Eighty-eight years to go. Hibernation failure. They said that couldn’t happen. Three people, three pod failures. You have no idea how long I’ve been trying to get in there. Now that you’re in, don’t touch anything. This is where you work? No, this is flight crew. I’m a deck chief. Hmm. Ops, Navigation, Comm. Hmm. Unauthorized personnel. Sorry. If I’m reading this right, we’re still on course. So whatever’s wrong with the ship, NavCom is still on the job. There’s something wrong with the ship? Three pod failures? Yeah, there’s something wrong. Question is what. That’s strange. We should be getting diagnostics from all over the ship right here, but there’s no data. Got to check all the systems manually. Can’t we turn the ship around, go back to Earth? No, we’re doing % of light speed. Turning back would take just as much time as going on. Well, there’s got to be something we can do. Sorry. We’re going where we’re going. You okay? Hibernation hangover. Get it all the time. Grand concourse. Two years, huh? Any more trees I need to know about? Look out! Never seen that before. These robots have been breaking down. This guy makes fifteen? Fifteen. The breakfast bar went crazy today. Yeah, and an elevator. Last week, my door broke. I was trapped in my cabin for two days. You were? Things like that don’t happen. Not on this ship. There are of these tech stations on every deck. Dock your slate. Data syncs automatically. Got it? Hmm. Yeah. Okay. You take decks one and two. You take decks three and four. I’m going down to the hibernation bay, check our pods. Well, that should be interesting. Ain’t you supposed to be making your rounds? I’m finished. I checked your pod. Problem’s very simple. The clock chip’s burnt out. It ain’t supposed to happen, but pretty simple. My pod’s more complicated. Bunch of system failures that all happened at the same time. Whole damn thing went haywire. Explains why I’m feeling so bad. But Aurora’s pod You did this. Yeah. All this time, I’m thinking you’re one lucky son of a bitch to get stuck with Aurora. It wasn’t luck, was it? No. She knows? She knows. How long were you alone? A year. Still Damn. Data received. Data received. Data received. Same as Jim’s. Interpolating data. System shutdowns Everywhere, but no apparent connection. You saw the hibernation pods? I saw them. Data received. So you know what Jim did. Yeah. And? It’s not my He woke me up. He took away my life. I know, and I’m sorry, but there’s work I’d It’s murder. You’re right, Aurora. But the drowning man will always try and drag somebody down with him. It ain’t right, but the man’s drowning. This one makes . Yeah. Hey. You okay? You should go rest. Yeah. But just a couple hours, and then back at it first thing in the morning. I was in the pool when the gravity gave out. Are you okay? We need to find Gus. Gus! Gus! Gravity loss means that whatever’s wrong is starting to hit the big-ticket items. Not good. Every failure’s a burnt out processor.

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